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Blink Charging Co. (BLNK)

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    $UVXY conversation
    A great day for $BLNK
    Blink Charging to supply EV charging stations to GM dealers in U.S. and Canada
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    $GREE conversation
    Stocks with the highest short interest
    $BFRI – SI 83%
    $CRTX – SI 55%
    $IMUN – SI 41%
    $LGVN – SI 38%
    $ICPT – SI 35%
    $SAVA – SI 35%
    $PRLD – SI 35%
    $BLNK – SI 35%
    $LMND – SI 35%
    $WEBR – SI 34%
    $RELI – SI 34%
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    $GREE conversation
    Most Shorted Stocks According To S3
    $CRTX – SI 58%
    $PPSI – SI 47%
    $GREE – SI 45%
    $IFMK – SI 45%
    $BYND – SI 39%
    $IMUN – SI 38%
    $BLNK – SI 37%
    $ICPT – SI 35%
    $BYSI – SI 33%
    $ESPR – SI 33%
    $BEEM – SI 33%
    $LMND – SI 33%
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    Among EV owners’ concerns are the EV battery repair and replacement costs, range anxiety, environmental responsibilities, roadside assistance, and the accelerated wear on additional components that EV vehicles experience.

    Ozop Plus has nearly completed the process of creating a warranty that provides electrical vehicle owners “peace of mind”, by assembling a team including but not limited to traditional carrier that carries an A.M. best financial strength rating of "A" (Excellent), Financial Size Category XV, and an issuer credit rating of “a”, RMA, and an industry leading third-party administrator (“TPA”).

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    As for valuation take a look at $BLNK mkt valuation it is closing in on 2 bil .. mkt cap, they just reported revenues of 6.4 million for the qtr losing .37c a share .. they are in growth sector but more hardware oriented with electric charging stations .. they were heavily shorted as well their days to cover is 7.4 ours is 32!!!.. now look at DMRC we should be at a higher run rate on revs in also a hot market ESG and tech with recycling .. our Revs could be much more explosive and a software model where our costs are much cheaper and super high margins .. at a 2 bil mkt cap valuation we would be about $120 per share .. plus we have over 2 million shares short with a very tight shareholder base .. with small caps in vogue and being in the right sector I believe we have quite a bit of upside here and when the crowd comes or if the shorts get squeezed we could be embarking on some very exciting times .. just my opinion here
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    VotingDem SurgesCrime
    Rivian Automotive, Inc.
    You can now buy 8 Polestar EV Companies with 1 Rivian Company eventhough Polestar sells 10s of thousands of luxury EVs and Rivian sells none. Polestar $GGPI is already selling worldwide like $TSLA & is ramping to over 300k units.

    Polestar will double and triple very soon once people realize things.

    Polestar cars are beautiful. $blnk
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    $GEVO conversation
    Good day considering the blood baths going on with the green alternative energy sector. Go See $FCEL, $PLUG, $BLDP, $BE, $BLNK, $BNGO, $NNDM, $ZOM, $OCGN, $WKHS. Been a long here (and most everything I listed) since $1.45 and still loving every minute of my position.
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    H.C Wainwright listed $BLNK as a BUY with a $50 PT
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    $TSNP conversation
    Of course the share price went down with such a huge float and so many people who bought when it was sub penny, those people unloaded massive quantities of cheap shares for profit and its impossible for new retail to pay the elevated cost per share in enough volume to make up for the profit taking. That being said, the company is a good investment compared to 99 percent of the others. Also, now that the profit taking has largely ran its course, new investors can build a higher floor and longer, more committed buyers will make this stock rise again. There's a reason long term investors usually make more money than day traders. Because as long as the company you are holding long is fundamentally sound, poised for growth, and undervalued a day trade doesn't yield max profits. Think of the successful companies people have day traded and then written off, only to find one month later the price per share had increased without them 200 percent. Take $BLNK for example. I day traded that one from 9 dollars and flipped at 10.50, I thought I was a God. Now its above 35! UNBELIEVABLE. My 2k profit would have been over 50K! Buy and hold good companies folks, dont panic when it pulls back for no reason. Just be patient
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    TODAY at 3:30pm EST! Blink CEO Michael Farkas is excited to talk about the future of $BLNK and #EVcharging ⚡

    Saw this on twitter. Do you think the stock will rise after this?
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    $BLNK conversation
    $BLNK , go ahead, blink your eyes and lose 10% before
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    $BLNK conversation
    If anyone sold blnk...... that's what the intent was.... hook line and sinker and your the fish. The company openly mentioned they were shorting blnk.
    All the major car companies are switching to electric cars. You name it Ford, Chevy, Toyota, Honda etc...etc...
    If you don't think a company that supports the charging of electric cars will be profitable then you need your head checked.

    Look at gas station stocks and visualize the rise of electric cars........
    The latest news is the classic market manipulation.
    I think that company that did the "investigation " just made a ton shorting and releasing a sad report like that.
    Fear/panic selling never fails so load the truck at these prices.
    Did ya know they made more in the last 2 quarters then all year 2019.
    They are literally doubling in 1 year......

    Questions.......that's what I thought...
    Now go to bed and close the door behind you.
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    $OZSC conversation
    If $blnk can get over $50, we can get over $1
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    $XPEV conversation
    Wow, I'm VERY glad I got into a bunch of EV stocks a week and a half ago -- today was the best % return and first six-digit $ gain for my portfolio of 10 stocks in a single day! My portfolio went up +14% today which gave me a gain over $108,000 !. The stocks with biggest gains I got today are $BLNK $CIIC $SBE $LI $NIO and $XPEV .I saw in after hours trading today they went up an additional many % points. Looking forward to seeing those stocks rocket some more tomorrow!
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    William ₿
    $GBTC conversation
    With GBTC trading at a discount, I honestly can't find a better way to invest in Bitcoin right now. It just makes so much sense. Transferring another small amount to pick up a few more shares tomorrow. I will keep doing this each week with GBTC, especially as long as it trades at a discount. I can't pass it up.

    I read how the Democrats are looking to pass another $3 trillion bill for infrastructure. One element in it will be charging stations, so thinking $BLNK might be a good buy now in anticipation. I'm sure there are probably a number of energy stocks that will likely benefit, especially since energy has been beat up for so long. The power outages in Texas and California because of weather events, fires, etc. will also receive attention. So speaking of energy, I wonder how the infrastructure bill might affect Bitcoin mining in the United States. Democrats will incentivize clean energy and Republicans will want to help natural gas and oil jobs return in their states.
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    $KNDI conversation
    Investors!! We got the news regarding CBAT & KNDI Battery Contract. We could see CBAT’s Stock price from $8 to $40 per share in the next year.
    I am finally sure that $CBAT will deliver the tabless battery successfully in 2021. Judging by Chinese regulatory rule, they will adopt “replaceable battery pack” the same as those used by NIO. KNDI’s vehicle mileage will improve further along. The 32140 Tabless battery could benefit potentially many EV manufacturers as well as KNDI because capacity of 8GWh could cover more than 160,000 vehicles. Then, CBAT will be the world 4th Battery Maker. 8GWh Factory capacity will provide more than enough batteries for KNDI.
    $NIO, $XPEV, $LI $KNDI investors you better come and buy some CBAT as soon as possible. I sold once due to the lack of Public Relations (PR), but I came back to the position as of today.
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    $TSLA conversation
    3 cheap cheap EV stocks right now
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    Solar Integrated Roofing Corporation
    I haven't seen anyone post about the #BLNK hashtag in SIRC tweet this morning. They are dropping the home they are the JV/EV announcement. This is a big deal.. Why are not more people in on this? I'm in 200k shares. Started at ,20 cent buy in
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    $CHPT conversation
    $CHPT seems underpriced here. According to a bloomberg article $CHPT has a valuation around 2 Billion.
    Right now market cap is hovering around 1.1 Billion with 155 million revenue in 2020.
    Compared to $BLNK with a market cap of 1.5 Billion and only 6 million revenue in 2020.
    I like $CHPT as a buy and hold.
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    Switchback Energy Acquisition Corporation
    I bought Blink instead! If this deal goes through with ChargePoint at 2b valuation that that means Blink is criminally undervalued at 250m market cap currently. $BLNK