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  • The Wall Street Journal

    Honduras Establishes Diplomatic Ties With Beijing, Abandoning Taiwan

    The Honduran decision, following through on a pledge earlier this month, leaves Taipei with just 13 diplomatic partners.

  • PR Newswire

    Making Open Source Truly Open

    Semut is thrilled to announce its upcoming Developer Preview, inviting developers worldwide to join the waitlist and experience Semut's groundbreaking technologies first-hand. Interested developers can sign up for an early preview at

  • Motley Fool

    Think Twice About Borrowing Money for These 4 Expenses

    You no longer have to visit banks to apply for loans in person, and can instead research the best personal loans available and compare rates from the comfort of your couch. Despite this ease, it's important to remember that when you borrow, you're making a financial commitment to repay the loan, and depending on how much you're taking out, it could take years. While charging wedding expenses to a credit card can actually be a good idea (due to purchase protection and earning points or cash back), going into debt to have your dream wedding isn't.