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Vanguard 500 Index Fund (VOO)

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  • S
    $ARKK conversation
    Not sure its worth buying the dip on this. Think i'll stick with $VOO.
  • R
    I’m buying $AMZN, $AAPL, $GOOG, $ZM, $IBB, $VOO, and $QQQ
  • I
    Occidental Petroleum Corporation
    My average cost is $49.76, so I'm about 80% down. I understood the drop earlier in the year from the 40s to teens, but I don't understand why it continues to go down.

    I'm wondering if they are heading towards the bankruptcy. I don't know enough, obviously, I only bought after Warren invested, but he is out now.

    I would appreciate someone knowledgeable to chime in. These days I only buy $VOO and I'm done buying individual stocks, I can't handle it.
  • c
    Mastercard Incorporated
    IMHO, in August we will see some small correction. Anyone with me? No need to insult to disagree, just wondering how others feel about the market. GLTA! $MA $V $GOOGL $AMZN $CMCSA $JPM $SQ $VOO
  • P
    Prosperous Bohunk
    $TSLA is helping the $VOO today…. I love owning both. Who wouldn’t?
  • S
    $VT conversation
    This ETF has the most potential out of both $VTI, $VOO, and $VEQT.
    $VT hasn't been at $105.00 since October 18th, 2021.

    I'm buying (December 19, 2021) 60k and holding until $200.00 and advised everyone who sees this buy.
    This ETF is the most reliable and stress-free I've see... Ever...

    God bless to all who get rich with me, through this stock.
  • A
    $SPY conversation
    Well, I guess it's time to be greedy. $SPY, $VOO, $AAPL, $AMZN, $GOOG
  • A
    I wonder if anyone over at Vanguard - $VOO is disappointed that the s&p committee did not add $TSLA. They lost a TON of customers when the announcement came out.
  • M
    $SPLG conversation
    Keep buying the dips! #voo #splg
  • c
    Schwab U.S. Large-Cap Growth ETF
    Is it time to take profits and sit on the side?
    People may start cashing their investments from last year's dip and action may take a break. $VOO $VOT $SCHG $BBUS
  • Y
    Rates are already too low to be effective when recession hits. The fed isn’t cutting rates. And if they do then god help up when the economy turns and we’re already at zero. $VOO $SPY $IVV $QQQ
  • P
    Prosperous Bohunk
    Reverse head and shoulders. Looking good $VOO. 💪
  • Y
    You gotta love the Fed printing mountains of money and shoving it in the stock market. This is going to end epic badly. 2008 wasn’t nothing compared to what you’re about to see. $SPY $VOO $QQQ $SQQQ
  • Y
    This is some of the worst market manipulation I’ve seen. Global economic indicators are rapidly deteriorating and government and market pumpers desperately pumping this balloon into oblivion. So high on free money they don’t even see the disaster coming. Steak and lobster today, dog food tomorrow. $VOO $IVV $SPY $QQQ
  • S
    $DARE conversation
    Don't forget the fact that Vanguard and Blackrock both hold Dare. Last week's close was $1.72!

    (Also, check the comparison between $VOO and $DARE)
  • Y
    Markets up on “trade optimism” again for the 500th straight day! Somehow the market is 30% more valuable on absolutely zero actual news. The market wouldn’t be worth anywhere near this much even if the trade deal was the most amazing deal ever! Great job smarties. $SPY $QQQ $VOO $VB $GLD $GDX
  • W
    Apple Inc.
    see what I was saying yesterday, someone else agrees The Steep Stock Market Sell-Off Doesn't Make Sense $SPY, $QQQ, $DIA, $IWM, $VOO, $SH, $SDS, $TZA, $TNA, $IVV, $SSO, $TQQQ, $UPRO, $SPXL, $RSP, $CRF, $SQQQ, $SPXS, $PSQ, $VFINX, $USA, $QLD, $UDOW, $DOG, $DXD, $UWM, $SDOW, $SCHX, $ZF, $DDM, $TWM, $URTY, $VV, $RWM, $EPS, $SRTY, $VTWO, $QQQE, $QQEW, $FEX, $JKD, $EQL, $SPLX, $EEH, $SPSM, $SPUU, $QQXT, $SFLA, $IWL, $SPDN, $SPXE, $SPXT, $FWDD, $EDOW, $OTPIX, $SYE, $JHML, $PPLC, $SMLL, $UDPIX, $GSEW, $SPXV, $EQWS, $ESGL, $HUSV, $RYARX, $SPXN, $CHGX, $DMRL, $RVRS, $SCAP, $DUSA, $USMC, $BIBL, $OMFS, $PMOM, $RYRSX
    Earnings growth remains healthly. The economy continues to grow. Equity valuation are at the lower end of their historical range.
    Earnings growth remains healthly. The economy continues to grow. Equity valuation are at the lower end of their historical range.
  • Y
    The Fed is printing money hand over fist to keep this equity and bond bubble inflated. 30-50% drop imminent. $SYP $TLT $UUP $VOO $ QQQ $GLD $GDX
  • J
    Alibaba Group Holding Limited
    1)sell all my shares of $XPEV and buy the $BABA dip

    2) sell all my shares in $BABA and buy the $XPEV dip

    3) Sell both $BABA and XPEV and buy JD/Tencent/$CHIC

    4) Get the hell out of China and put that money into $QQQ or $VOO or a similar no low risk ETF?
  • H
    Hernan Andueza Senior
    I bought VOO investing $100 in May and I still keeping it investing weekly and right now I have $996