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Vodafone Group Plc (VOD)

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    $VOD conversation
    Upgraded by Redburn Partners Neutral » Buy
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    $VOD conversation
    Does Anyone know if $VOD pays dividend annually or semiannually? Pay out day is on July 8th to the shareholders of record before June 11.
    Most European companies pay annually. Briten, may pay semiannually.
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    $VOD conversation
    #VOD Volume coming in. A break of 28.55 could move it up to 33.67. Buy rating: 5.5 at 9trading.
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    $INSG conversation
    He's got his PUMP working at full throttle, his boss must have whipped him this morning

    Things to be excited about long term for $INSG Field trials up to 18 from 15 carriers. Secured 8 to 10 design wins in 19 including $VOD which is bigger then $VZ They are going to have SAAS sales from hardware. Telematics has improved (airports ramp this year) They are hiring like crazy.
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    james lovejoy sr
    $VOD conversation
    I have read here that this stock is always a good dividend player and its
    stock price is going up. BS, in the 3 years or so since the Verizon buyout
    this stock has went from the high thirties to the low twenties. And ....
    as far as the dividend goes, you can do better. Who ever keeps
    touting this stock must be getting smoke signals from somewhere
    out of this world.
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    Tower One Wireless Corp.
    Vodafone, Telecom Argentina in partner market deal $VOD, $TEO
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    $VOD conversation
    when are we going to get ride of these bozo's -stock sucks. This is a $45 company. I'll keep adding, its so cheap the will give you a share with every call you make.
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    $VOD conversation
    #VOD Technical indicators are looking bullish, according to stoxline. Fundamental profitability and solvency are looking good at stockFA. A break of 20.35 could move it up to 23.77.
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    $VOD conversation
    #VOD Rising with good volume. Technical indicators are looking bullish, according to stoxline. On watch for clear above 20.53.
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    $VOD conversation
    how low can it go?
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    $VOD conversation
    Vodafone Group PLC Dividend for VOD - $1.12
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    $VOD conversation
    #VOD Looking for an entry for next leg up. Target: 35.67 at stoxline.
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    Vodafone Group Plc
    31.1.17 מחיר נוכחי $24.9
    מהלך עליה החל ב2009 וכעת הגיע לתיקון כאשר..

    FIB 1 נייר תיקן בין 1\3 לבין 2\3
    2 כעת נימצא על קו תמיכה $24.41
    3 לפי SSTOC+ RSI במכירות יתר בפעם הראשונה מאז 2009
    4 JJB על קו מס' 2 מאז 08\09

    RSI+MACD סטיה חיובית

    D +סיכום :
    קניה של מנה ראשונה במחיר של עכשיו $25 עם SL $23.9
    בהגעה בטוחה ל$26.5 לבצע קניה של עוד מנה
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    $IQ conversation
    AVOID AT ALL COST $VOD (Vodafone) Shares!!!
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    $VOD conversation
    Yahoo why don't you post Vodafone's financial results for fiscal 2016 and the quarterly results???

    I looked on line at their financials and in spite of spending billions on infrastructure VOD is not doing well, especially in Europe.
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    $VOD conversation
    I think we could see an American carrier take-over soon. This stock is so undervalued . should be in the mid $40's stay long. Who can live without their phone.
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    $VOD conversation
    Im grateful for finding this awesome trading service. Google ULTIMETE STOCK ALERTSQ and sign up, You will see exactly what I mean, these guys kill it with their Nasdaq and nyse alerts.
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    $VOD conversation
    any chance of VOD buying T-Mobile?
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    $VOD conversation
    When is that "piece of garbage" Vodaphone going to appreciate like the other telecom stocks? It has been a laggard since I've owned it the last ten years or so.
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    $VOD conversation