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Baidu, Inc. (BIDU)

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  • F
    Pinduoduo Inc.
    $PDD $BIDU $WIMI Recently a paragraph also fell about the same! If we can rally tonight, it will start to rally again!
  • s
    $PYPL conversation
    which one will turn green faster? $PYPL, $BIDU, $MU, $AMD, $TSLA, $FB, $GM, $GME?
  • S
    NNOX is up going thru short squeeze. $BABA $BIDU $NIO $GME
  • J
    Zoom Video Communications, Inc.
    $ZM $WIMI $BIDU Don't guess the bottom when falling, and don't be afraid when rising!
  • N
    $NIO conversation
    Give the shorts nothing. They will be forced to buy back shares as they did with other recent failed attempts with Chinese companies. They never learn.
  • J
    Baidu, Inc.
    $BIDU $BABA $WIMI VR and AR will be the key industries of digital economy in the next five years
  • e
    WiMi Hologram Cloud Inc.
    Under the comprehensive and large-scale promotion of 5G, the holographic /VR/AR industry will be the biggest beneficiary.
  • M
    $HYLN conversation
    Months from now there will be big time revelations about this current stock market game and the conspiring/ manipulation going on. When it comes to light, it we will all look back and say I knew something fishy was going on. But right now, the market is unhinged, possibly the big boys flexing after the gme catastrophe. Huge coordinated market-wide sell offs happening in minutes, no stock fundaments being considered. All stocks in certain sectors trading the exact same, regardless of sales, new partnerships, or any company specific news. Just look at the nasdaq day chart today.

    $fsr $bidu $nvax $sava $ride $fubo $chwy
  • J
    Baidu, Inc.
    $BIDU $WIMI $TSLA It's worth investing in the long term, because the market share is there
  • P
    $BIDU conversation
    $BABA and $BIDU are better than Amazon and Google
  • s
    $BIDU conversation
    $TSLA in red $BIDU in green... NICE :)
  • R
    $IQ conversation
    Mike O'Rourke, chief market strategist at JonesTrading said he expected the trades to "largely be done."

    "The prime brokers made lots of noise in marketing these blocks," O'Rourke said. "They knocked the stocks down aggressively in order to get the trades done."

    **** O'Rourke added that prime brokers typically go long the remnants of the position, and he expected most of the names involved in the block trades to be "gapping up significantly higher" in premarket trading. ****

    3/28/2021, 5:03:46 PM

  • M
    $MGNI conversation
    I don't get how the markets are flat today, but literally everything I own is deep red

  • D
    $TSNPD conversation
    TSNPD changes it's symbol to HMBL. Next stop is NASDAQ listing. Next stop after that, 110 by January. $GME $AMC $BIDU $KOSS
  • J
    Baidu, Inc.
    $BIDU $WIMI $FB In the future, holographic broadcast will be a new way and development direction
  • i
    $BIDU conversation
    Friday close was option related... 263 soon ... and first trading day in Hong Kong is tomorrow...
    We will see strong demand for the stock is my bet...

    $BIDU Asia ( could be up anywhere between 20 and 100% in Asia...
    Guess what will happen in US?
  • J
    James, Inc.
    $AMZN $WIMI $BIDU Don't ask how much. Is 10% or 20% too much? The more? Will fall? Will you start high and go low? We'll see.
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    $BIDU conversation
    $304.16 for one ADR = issue price in Hong Kong => price should be back to $350 soon
    as the PR
    Price will be at HK$295 ($38.02) per share for retail shareholders and represent 3.4% of the company's total shares.
    One Baidu ADR is equivalent to eight of its Hong Kong shares, the filings show.
    => 8x 38.02= 304.16 USD for one ADR

    => management is brillant... they will sell higher than current US price
    => price should spike up a lot in Hong Kong as only 3 bn usd sold (check what happened to
    => Asian investors will decide the price of $BIDU from now!
  • A
    WiMi Hologram Cloud Inc.
    $WIMI $NIO $BIDU Strong stage, because the logic that buys a share makes money the capital below effect enters ceaselessly, so strong mark is chosen by the probability of later capital is big, choose strong so. Weak stage, the logic of buying stocks is because the spread of the market loss of money effect leads to the constant catharsis of panic plate, so catharsis almost, as long as a small amount of buying can promote the rise, so low suction. After mastering the hot rotation law of the stock market, the accuracy of the judgment will be improved a lot.
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    $BIDU conversation
    only concern now for $BIDU is their tie to military in China, and will SEC play hard on that, Bill H's blowout will eventually end some time, if no worries from SEC, I will full in on $BIDU at this price, but now, I have to limit my exposure. better China concept ones are $BABA and $JD, $TCHEY is a little overvalued, but Cathie wood like it, so I think it may be fine. for other names like $IQ, $TME, $VIPS, GSX....better stay out of them for a while and waiting for things to settle down first,