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Tupperware Brands Corporation (TUP)

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    $TUP conversation
    I'm pretty sure that $TUP hit bottom today @ $19.46. Now that the pullback is complete, I expect to see a nice uptrend to between $24-$27 leading into Earnings.

    **Fun Fact: 1946 was also the year that Tupperware was founded ;-)
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    $GSM conversation
    Looking at Marco Levi's background on LinkedIn, I can see why he had to resort to outside consultants to find possible solutions for a desperate turnaround. He simply has no experience leading a company with the challenges FerroGlobe is facing. His previous CEO positions were at Thermision and Ahlstrom. Thermission llsts 8 employees on LinkedIn. Ahlstrom lists a more corporate-like roster of 700+ employees. Yet, Levi was at Ahlstrom for under 3 years listing several accomplishments. Why leave then? And especially if you are going to be self-employed claiming to be an auditor and entrepreneur the 3 years prior to joining FerroGlobe.

    Folks, if you want to see what a new management team with genuine RELEVANCE to its business model and Mr. Market being impressed by it, look up what happened to $TUP stock price the past 6 months since $TUP hired ex-Avon and ex-Herbalife executives. Said executives were hired AFTER Levi's hiring.

    Just look at how FerroGlobe's stock has slid further since the Q2 earnings call on Sept. 1. Mr. Market simply isn't buying Marco Levi's prognostication of an incremental $150M in EBITDA resulting from their new 3-year plan. If the belief here is that 1/3 of that increment ($45M) is going to come from their commercial strategy/efforts, what does THAT tell you about mgmnt's view on future price appreciation/recoveries and volume increases? Basically, that they will solve the industry's woes stemming from oversupply and persistent low prices. And as to the $105M in cost reductions? FerroGlobe has downsized significantly already and idled numerous equipment. Do they really have that much fat remaining that can be cut?
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    $TUP conversation
    $TUP Tupperware Brands has $1.19 billion in total assets, 70% of which is in debt. A higher debt-ratio can also imply that the company might be putting itself at risk for default if interest rates were to increase. A considerable portion of Tupperware Brands's Debt is funded by assets. According to the Tupperware Brands, total Debt is at $803.60. Adjusting for $120.00 million in cash-equivalents, the company has a net debt of $683.60 million.
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    @Manheim you forgot your calls on $ZM $DXCM and $TUP - the shorts were all over those as they were re-establishing themselves! I know you got out before the big run ups on those - but your posts got me into them!! For that I thank you! I like your latest picks - those definitely look like they have some room to run and unless something crazy occurs - they appear to have not too much downsize risk!!
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    Well, thank you Jesus for all my favorite shorted stocks that I stayed long in that have come back to big gains! $TUP $LL $AMC $CNK $DAL $LULU to name a few! Next ones to turn are $FIT and $SDC ! Good luck to all you longs living in shorts countries... it takes a lot to live peaceably with SHORT SIGHTED FOLKS!!
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    $TUP conversation
    Maybe $TUP crashing because "Tupperware Brands Corporation (TUP) Officers and Directors Under Investigation for Allegations of Fraudulent Sales Scheme." Or maybe $TUP got a bad deal on its refinancing which would mean bankruptcy announcement is coming. Whatever the reason may be, It's crashing!
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    $TUP conversation
    I think the party is over. Taking my $TUP profit and moving on to greener pastures.
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    $CLNE conversation
    I'm reading today's Press Release and thinking
    1) how can this not be up 20% on that news
    2) how can this a $2.40 stock and not $5-$8

    Obviously the answer to #1 is: who with the right frame of mind would invest 1 day before earnings are release? Basically you can have news that Amazon signed a contract but if then the conference call show lower outlook the stock goes down 10%. What is the LOGIC of issuing this news the day before earnings? The only thing I can think is
    Earnings will be disappointing so let's prop the stock price before the conference call!??!?! Just $TUP!D attempt to control the stock price or as I said it 20 times: making sure the stock price does not increase. A plus and a minus...if they did a decent CC and then 2 days later big news, the result would be ten times better. People forget the bad news and focus on the new. But hey, that is too COMPLICATED for the CEO. Or the CEO is simply a cr00k. We will see tomorrow.
    If earnings disappoints I strongly encourage everyone to send a PAPER letter to ask LF to RESIGN effective immediately.
    GL to all longs.
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    Just starting to get into buying stocks, have positions in $BEP AND $TUP, looking into taking a position in $CTL but I’m waiting for the right time? Is it worth taking a position?
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    $INSG conversation
    Thanks for checking in to remind me of just how $tup!d I am. The other guys Deano, MS, & DOG? I dont think so no not so much. Your timing is incredible though I must say..just yesterday I met with my tax preparer..obviously, I'm not smart enough to do my own taxes it's just so complicated now.
    Anyway if the tax guy said it once he said it 10 times "WOW" Wowee" & wo lee shoot" when he saw the gains on 1 little stock he had never heard of. (Oh funny side story to the main story he first called it inseegio) how funny is that? So when he left I'm feeling all proud to have impressed this guy. But thank gawd I have you Chuckie to keep me in check & doing what YOU do best reminding us all how simple minded we really are. Well just me. Thanks & keep up the good work Chuckie
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    Netlist, Inc.
    @Max, that is too funny, I meant winners like old #TUP and #QCOM
    and new #WTRH... NLST was winning with a product good as gold back 10 years ago... that's what brought the theives to the table. 10 years can wear a person down.....
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    $TUP conversation
    $TUP climbing the wall of worry... back over $5.00 after earnings (April 22nd-27th), IMHO!
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    $TUP conversation
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    $TUP conversation
    I'd hate to see the faces of longs when $TUP drops to zero after SEC orders an investigation of fraud.
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    $KODK conversation
    $TUP is heading the the same direction.
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    $TUP conversation
    Time to get in. Love the dividend on this one.
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    Warren of Wall St
    $TUP conversation
    With a yield of 4.3% Tupperware Brands is worth a look if you like solid dividend payers $TUP
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    Tupperware Brands Corporation
    oh yes! 80 by Friday.
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    Pacific Ethanol, Inc.
    NOW $TUP.....PAY ME $5.00 each....
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    $TUP conversation
    Shorting $TUP at this level looks soooooooo Juicy.