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Tesla, Inc. (TSLA)

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    $AMZN conversation
    Remember when Amazon reported earnings loss in Q1, and I warned ahead of time showing their website hits dropped dramatically? Well, it's even worse now. After the Ukraine invasion, consumers stopped buying stuff they don't need because of a massive rise in oil prices, and therefore inflation. Q1 only included ONE month of the Ukrainian invasion effects (March). Wait until next quarter when their losses will include THREE full months of the Ukrainian invasion effects AND 2 full months of China's Shanghai lockdowns.

    Read the news about $TSLA production isn't ramping up? Supply chain issues. $AAPL indefinitely affected as China keeps locking down again in the future. Shanghai is opening up, but a report shows only 0.5% of companies are on a white list. That's HALF a percent of companies!!! It'll take time to get shipments to the rest of the world, months and months. The next 2-3 earnings will be epic losses.

    China's dead set on zero COVID policy, meaning the moment the virus just ticks up a few cases, they'll lock down hundreds of millions of people again. Putin isn't giving up no matter how many Russians or Ukrainians die. The only option is Feds keep raising rates aggressively and undoing a ridiculous $9 trillion QE balance sheet to lower inflation.

    The selling is nowhere close to be done. In a bull market, you buy the dips. In a bear market, you sell the rips.

    The Nasdaq $^IXIC $QQQ , S&P $^GSPC $SPY, Dow Jones $^DJI, and small caps $^RUT indices will need to fall -50% at MINIMUM. There's a good chance we'll see -70% or more given China's unwavering zero COVID policy.

    Click to see full image, or go to Wolfram Alpha website and plug in Amazon's address, and click the SHOW HISTORY. It's going to get so much worse.
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    Best news from China that is lifting the market worldwide

    Shanghai Mayor announce Shanghai will completely open up on 1st of June. This could not only be good news for all Chinese stocks, companies with factories in China but also America as cheap goods will once again flow to America hence bringing down the inflation. $tsla $nio $pdd $jd $baba $xpev $li $BIDU
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    $NIO conversation
    you must get out from $tsla before too late
    buy back $nio
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    $^DJI conversation
    The Fed is targeting inflation, from raw materials, to consumer staples, to asset prices like housing and equities. The stock market was already inflated going into the pandemic, and then it was over-inflated to avoid a larger catastrophe. The time has come to pay the piper and correct the course, for the sake of society and our monetary system. So please, accept it, don't resist and DON'T FIGHT THE FED!

    $^ixic $^gspc $aapl $msft $amzn $goog $tsla $nflx $amd $fb $crm $panw
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    Alibaba Group Holding Limited
    Shanghai Mayor announce Shanghai will completely open up on 1st of June. This could not only be good news for all Chinese stocks, companies with factories in China but also America as cheap goods will once again flow to America hence bringing down the inflation. $tsla $nio $pdd $jd $bili $xpev $li
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    $NKLA conversation
    Last Updated: May 20, 2022 at 10:15 a.m. EDT
    Real time quote
    -29.37 -4.14%
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    Elon Musk is probably saying all this stuff about a halt so that $TSLA stock goes up because that’s part of how he’s financing for this purchase. As a twitter shareholder, we need $TSLA to do good.
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    $TSLA conversation
    The rise and fall of Elon Musk - this is sure to make a good Netflix documentary. $NFLX $TSLA
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    $TSLA conversation
    sell $tsla and buy back beaten down stocks
    buy $nio
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    $LCID conversation
    $LCID on the same path $TSLA took in the early stages. Both will be established leaders in electric vehicles in America. They'll be like Ford and GM during the old days when they were the leading US car manufacturer. =D
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    Exxon Mobil Corporation
    No one needs oil anymore. Everyone can take out a home equity loan from all the equity that's been building up, and buy a Tesla. Homes will continue to appreciate 20-30% every year, so this will keep $TSLA stock going up.
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    $^IXIC conversation
    The key to watch is Monday's close and intraday chart trend. If it closes green, or the trend is up, even if it sells off some for profit taking early on or mid-day, that's a BIG bull signal. That means it'll continue up the next few weeks, especially with Shanghai cases down dramatically, with officials closing down some COVID quarantine centers, and stores starting to reopen. China was locking down because most of their vaccinated are young working class, and not the elderly like in the U.S. and western countries. They are attempting to vaccinate older people now. Once that's done, lockdowns will be less of an issue.

    Nasdaq should bounce at minimum a 50% retrace to 13K, possibly higher as the 5 day detailed charts show resistance is actually around 13.4K, while the S&P should also bounce to the 4.3K area, possibly higher with $TSLA and $AAPL factories in Shanghai ramping up from low capacities of 30% or less. The Russell 2000 small caps $^RUT also usually leads up (or down), and with it starting to lead back up, this is a bullish sign. Less inflation from China and Russia means lower rates from the Feds. Futures currently opening green, a good sign indeed. To da moon, folks! Any price at this level is a steal for the near term. That's why big money bought big the past weeks. Buy or cover while you still can. Consider yourselves warned, again.

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    $NIO conversation
    dump $tsla and buy back $nio ..that's the first things to do now
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    $NIO conversation
    Incoming weeks $NIO will perform better than $tsla

    $tsla to $400
    $nio to $40

    Buying only $tsla could be a mistake . time to sell $tsla and buy back beaten down stock
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    Venus Acquisition Corporation
    $VENA $TSLA $PLTR added another 300 today.
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    $$MAD MONEY$$
    $TSLA conversation
    $$MAD MONEY$$
    4 days ago
    $TSLA conversation
    Max $300 by 2023
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    Last 2-3 days $Nio chart has started forking away from Tesla chart. It’s going up while $TSLA moving down.
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    $NIO conversation
    sell $tsla and buy back extremely beaten down stocks

    Buy $nio now

    stop dumping ...$nio will rise massively soon
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    $RIVN conversation
    $tsla is a pioneer, but so was Netscape and Myspace. In their wake came a dozen companies who do the job better and were soon capitalized at several trillion dollars. Musk should keep his eyes on Tesla‘s future and not get dragged into larkish pursuits.
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    $MULN conversation

    Buy NOW!!!!