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Teradyne, Inc. (TER)

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    $KLAC conversation
    Today growing because of Intel's announcement on significant capex expansion over next 3 years. Confirms growth for WFE market in 2022. $AMAT $KLAC $LRCX $ASML $TER.
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    IMO, what we have here is a typical, prepare for the weekend selling and mm, and electronic trading which as the CEO of the NYC said yesterday....that switching to electronic trading n etc will take away the ‘human’ elements of trading n may cause some short to mid term Volatility...
    Funny... b/c the $VIX -Index measure of S&P Volatility actually has decreased quite a bit from it high of 80$s to around mid to high 60$s...

    Also, remember, the Historical crashes going back to the Great Depression , and going fwd to 1987... and the Dot Com. Crash... “911” ... and the Crash of 2008 couples with the Housing / Mortgage Swaps and Both Oil n Gold Crashing and etc ... are historical events from which a great deal has been learned from.

    A RESPONSE ...
    Yes, $AMD, $TER , $SWKS... Have had their Share prices driven Down Immensely...
    BUT... each of the above have not issued any warnings, AS OF YET, and have excellent FWD GUIDANCE.

    the Tech, Semi, , IoT, SaaS, Sectors, will be least impacted .

    It’s not like we are talking about AUTO , RETAIL sectors, that are closing production, have a huge supply and virtually such small sales due to this epidemic.

    Consumers will buy The new Xbox n PlayStation Consoles and Lap Tops and server upgrades will be necessary and such infrastructures for these platforms (Software as a Service) will need updating and expansion as we realize that the efficacy of Tech actually is multifaceted - from applications n etc from ALL SECTORS, from the medical sector and etc.
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    $TER conversation
    if you own/like $ter check out $intt, a vendor to teradyne, a top customer of intest. while $ter trades for 6x's sales, $intt is valued at 1.5x's 2021 revs and 13.5x's 2021 eps. with a new semi cap ex cycle just beginning, all semi cap ex stocks should have multiple quarter run. $intt also has an industrial induction heating division growing strongly in the EV assembly business. assuming $intt can get to peak eps of $1.50-$1.75, the stock can rally to $25. $intt is a good small cap compliment to $ter imho.
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    $ETSY conversation
    Amazing how two stock treated completely differently.

    $TSLA S&P 500 inclusion hoax (Which done by fraud street very openly and yet no one even asking to inquire about clearly & perfectly coordinated stuff which not possible without billions on table by powerful group.) bring it 50% higher in just few days.

    $ETSY hardly moving
    $TER hardly moving
    $CTLT hardly moving.

    Amazing yesterday they gone solid negative as well similar to other stock. First trading day.

    What S&P 500 inclusion means nearly 30% of stock get brought by various different fund (14% directly by ETF /Other funds tracking S&P 500 100% accurately, Other 19% also try match S&P 500 performance but not always follow 100% so I put 30% total.)
  • M
    So enjoying this day while mourning the Covid numbers... $BA biggest holding... soon to be overtaken by my second largest holding $SDC. Have smaller positions in $BMY, $TER, and $PFE. Bought into $CVS after the AMZN beat down day... and back into $AAPL today at $115.01... be safe and HAPPY THANKSGIVING!!
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    Micron Technology, Inc.
    Evercore raises semi price targets, calls now a buying opportunity $INTC, $NVDA, $LRCX, $ASML, $TER
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    @kelvin! I know the feeling- I’ve gone to all cash several times this year! I last about 24 hrs unless it’s a weekend... went from my all time high yesterday and all cash to buying $BA, $SDC, $PFE, $TER, $CVS, and $BMY... down .7% now... but looking to the future with those!!!
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    $SNDL conversation
    This person knows the Canadian cannabis landscape better than most...and he is usually ahead of the media when it comes to news. He has released accurate news multiple times before (regarding ACB, TLRY and APHA). This was his post from 5 mins ago:

    For sure $CGC $WEED is looking to buy up some assets in Canada... they’ve talked to $SNDL $VFF $OGI however nothing is close to definite ... they wanna be able to secure a stable supply of Cannabis. Nothing more. I’d rather see them dump more $$$ into $TER. #PotStocks
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    NR past 5 trading days:

    Australia deal and LOI’s

    Private label vape manufacturing deal with $CRON

    Organic certification

    First European Private label deal with ADREXpharma in Germany (20,000 pharmacies)

    $27 million private label deal with $TER ($192 mil potential over 36 months)
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    $TER conversation
    This one along $ETSY $CTLT added to stock market. And Expensive Fraudulent $TSLA left out (Sorry can't stop to comment there)

    I am very familiar with $ETSY. While I didn't invest until now as I always think price entry after earning and it didn't reach there, go higher instead. It's great company and good for long term holding. With S&P 500 inclusion, they now going to much more appreciate. It's unique eCommerce and help many artist sell stuff.

    $TER seems very good reasonably price growth stock involved in AI/ Robotics as well. Again very good long term holding. You might buying for S&P 500 inclusion but don't sell unless you have to.. In any case don't sell profit part.

    $CTLT is biotech related. While growing slow it's solidly profitable. I will research more and post finding as well.
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    Idk , but I wouldn’t short stocks like $AMD, $TER ( EXPLOSIVE GUIDANCE N EPS, AND SHARE BUY BACK)
    Long $AMD .
    IMO, once the Corona / COVID gets settlerd, b/c there’s already a vaccines by GILEAD PHARMA
    AND , as stated we may be seeing / approaching a peak

    Once that underway with good new on Corona /COVID
    IMO, there will be a huge spike in tech stock that have given great EPS N FWD guidance

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    $TSM , and now $TER (ESP TER), has Impeccable EPS beats in all aspects and positive guidance... EXPECTING the same for $SWKS , $IIVI....
    IMO, this momentum creates good signs going FWD into $AMD’s EPS...
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    Lol , all my Long Call Options positions are down in after hours from $AMD, $MSFT, $NVDA , $BABA
    The $QQQ ‘s n futures are all down, esp due to the Cancellation of the MOBILE CONFERENCE- due to corona/ COVID

    And some positions are down due to the article mentioning the FTC will investigate patents in Google, MSFT , AAPL , AMAZON ....

    IMO, from reports to articles ... the CHINESE tried to keep originally keep this virus a SECRET...Arresting the original DR. in Wuhan. Also when ‘clusters’ of a virus are is ‘supposed’ to be reported...This virus is also a “NOSOCOMIAL” , meaning it will spread with hospitals or treatment centers. There is a cure.
    It’s realized that quarantining people together who may have the virus with people who do have the virus increases the rate of transmission! And, as of last night ,there’s also a Cruise ship that they won’t let arrive and export the passengers ... which actually increases the chance of those infected to spread to the uninfected.

    Also it’s stated that it may be close to reaching its peak.

    If this was reported BACK IN JAN ...we would be AHEAD in this outbreak if the CHINESE, didn’t silence this and the original Wuhan Dr. to discover and treat the patients, died due to being arrested , to be “silenced” ....

    But we are catching up. The vaccine(s) , reportedly from $GILD , GILEAD PHARMA.

    RUSSIA has a vaccine -for animals- that treats SARS & MERS= Corona / COVID

    It also can be determined by the fact that of how A great deal of CHINESE TECH stocks like $TSM and $TER , have blow out EPS and guidance n yet their stocks , among other, slowly fell.
    IMO, the Chinese traded on this outbreak, without the US initially knowing .

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    Hey all,
    I’ve traded $TER over the years. IMO, I felt this was recently, going into EPS , I started to accumulate Call options over the past few days .... been getting back into EPS PLAYS ... a good bet on this, like $SNX EPS. Wish I had purchased more call options today.
    Given the EXCELLENT fwd guidance, debating adding some OTM CALLS/JAN 21 LEAPS , using some of the profits.
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    $CNBS conversation
    Flag of United States $CURA $GTII $CL $TRUL $TER
    Flag of Canada $CGC $TLRY $APHA $CRON $ACB

    Flag of United StatesEV/Rev: 9.1x
    Flag of CanadaEV/Rev: 19.0x

    Flag of United StatesEV/EBITDA: 25.4x
    Flag of CanadaEV/EBITDA: 97.3x

    Flag of United StatesEV/Rev: 6.8x
    Flag of CanadaEV/Rev: 13.1x

    Flag of United StatesEV/EBITDA: 17.0x
    Flag of CanadaEV/EBITDA: 53.6x
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    $TER conversation
    if you like $ter, check out company vendor inTEST, $intt. they just released a beat and massive raise with blowout orders and backlogs from customers like teradyne and cohu. $intt trades for 1x's sales vs $ter at 7x's and has many of the same fundamental factors. cheap growth company with cycle just starting for their end markets.
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    $CGC conversation
    Recent Articles MJ Articles by the Motleys:
    March 17, 2021 -; 3 Top Stocks to Buy Under $50 for Superior Returns
    March 16, 2021 -; U.S. Legalization Nears: Here Are the Best Cannabis...
    March 15, 2021 -; Is Canopy Growth (TSX:WEED) a Buy at $45?
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    $CGC conversation
    Where are marijuana companies located in USA? I see there is nothing in; Alaska, Main, Montana, or South Dakota where recreational MJ is legal, ( there are other right leaning states that are medical or decriminalized.. still no MJ companies there.)
    don't have anyone in the MJ game.
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    $DFLY.CN conversation
    Safe Banking Act - what is the Senate leader's options?
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    $CURLF conversation
    Why would any EU consumer buy from a foreign company that doesn't let in EU companies to compete over there. Why did their (EU) governments even let Curaleaf in without a reciprocal agreement - Free/Fair Trade does not matter in EU anymore - the Trump effect... did they ever bend over... are they are still bent over? Anyway, I guess the consumers can decide what is fair.