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Skyworks Solutions, Inc. (SWKS)

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    $AAPL conversation
    I was pretty much right. Apple will likely be flat. 2% to 3% gain isn’t bad though considering the huge run Apple has already had in the past 12 months. Time to consolidate now. Good thing I also own shares of $SWKS. Their potential gains are higher right now than Apples I think.

    Warm wishes,

    Briscoe R.
  • t
    $appl blows out iPhone sales but all the questions after earnings will be about not if but when $lite loses its leadership position with vcsel’s then they will switch to questioning how long they will sell out everything they make blah blah blah. All the while $swks and $qrvo went from $60 to $200! Do I sound bitter😔😱😂 mm love this stock just to f... with it
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    $^IXIC conversation
    All those that panic sold, raise your hand!! $NVDA $MRNA $SWKS $MSFT $APPL $PLTR $TTD
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    $MRVL conversation
    Jim Cramer from Mad Money has Marvell, Qorvo and Skyworks in his 5G top 3. So far they are all doing great. 5G is going to be absolutely massive.

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    $MU conversation
    The Wedbush downgrade doesn't make any sense. You can't have $SWKS and $LRCX upgraded on 5G demand, and $NVDA and $AMD upgraded on upcoming console demand, and not have $MU caught up in there somewhere. This reminds me of the Q4 19 earnings when MU was 'rumored' to be finally posting their expected down-cycle loss only to show 1/2 billion in profit. That head-turning beat launched the stock from the $40's to over $60. I suspect something similar may happen again with ER on 29th.
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    $MRVL conversation
    The 5G top 3 raised by Citi analyst Atif Malik today;

    Marvell raised to $64 from $50
    Qorvo raised to $188 from at $144
    Skyworks raised to $164 from at $137

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    IMO, what we have here is a typical, prepare for the weekend selling and mm, and electronic trading which as the CEO of the NYC said yesterday....that switching to electronic trading n etc will take away the ‘human’ elements of trading n may cause some short to mid term Volatility...
    Funny... b/c the $VIX -Index measure of S&P Volatility actually has decreased quite a bit from it high of 80$s to around mid to high 60$s...

    Also, remember, the Historical crashes going back to the Great Depression , and going fwd to 1987... and the Dot Com. Crash... “911” ... and the Crash of 2008 couples with the Housing / Mortgage Swaps and Both Oil n Gold Crashing and etc ... are historical events from which a great deal has been learned from.

    A RESPONSE ...
    Yes, $AMD, $TER , $SWKS... Have had their Share prices driven Down Immensely...
    BUT... each of the above have not issued any warnings, AS OF YET, and have excellent FWD GUIDANCE.

    the Tech, Semi, , IoT, SaaS, Sectors, will be least impacted .

    It’s not like we are talking about AUTO , RETAIL sectors, that are closing production, have a huge supply and virtually such small sales due to this epidemic.

    Consumers will buy The new Xbox n PlayStation Consoles and Lap Tops and server upgrades will be necessary and such infrastructures for these platforms (Software as a Service) will need updating and expansion as we realize that the efficacy of Tech actually is multifaceted - from applications n etc from ALL SECTORS, from the medical sector and etc.
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    It feels like the market is asking me to double my position in $SWKS. What a gift of a price
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    Skyworks Solutions, Inc.
    $SWKS is one of my best holdings. Glad to own some shares.
  • H
    What Is Levered Free Cash Flow (LFCF)? Levered free cash flow (LFCF) is the amount of money a company has left remaining after paying all of its financial obligations. LFCF is the amount of cash a company has after paying debts. Levered free cash flow is important because it is the amount of cash that a company can use to pay dividends and make investments in the business.

    Take a look at BROADCOM’s TTM Levered Free Cash Flow (LFCF) in comparison to peers:

    $AVGO = $11.88 Billion —> Note: BROADCOM $AVGO has more than twice the Levered Free Cash Flow than the closest competitor! (BULLISH)

    $QCOM = $5.04 Billion (ttm)

    $NXPI = $2.43 Billion (ttm)

    $MRVL = $1.41 Billion (ttm)

    $SWKS = $588.2 Million (ttm)

    STRONG BUY on $AVGO —> $11.88 Billion (ttm) in Levered Free Cash Flow —> FUNDAMENTAL STRENGTH —> SOLID AS A ROCK !!!
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    $SWKS conversation
    Huawei, was already effectively banned in the US. Only thing that has changed is a mandate that requires US governmental approval of US suppliers. Now, the media will have you believing a romanticized version that reads like this: the Sino-American "race" for 5G is the new arms race and the latest eco-political proliferation since the cold war. But, if that were the case, than don't you think you'd want a little share in the industry? If it's worth fighting for, than it's worth investing in... Follow? $SWKS $NPTN $MU
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    Apple 11 selling like hot cakes - could bode well for good guidance in seasonally weak calendar q1 - maybe we then get some $swks and $qrvo love
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    $SWKS conversation
    Target Raised by Cowen Outperform USD 160 » USD 185
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    $AMD conversation
    Will be red tomorrow for tech sector particularly electronic supplier and semi sector, ripple affect of Apple cutting Q revenue estimate by 8% from just announced last month due to lagging sales in China & Asia. Apple suppliers like $SWKS, $LITE, $MU, $CY will feel the pain. Tiny Donnie was proud and took credit for China economic and global downturn, but the ripple and time eventually arrive and now it will hit home. If the China trade deal is off – recession, if the trade deal is reached it would probably take 2 Qs to recover.

    Hopefully good news by Dr Su at the CES will keep AMD afloat & rising.
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    $SWKS conversation
    Yahoo totally screwed up Yahoo Finance....why????? you was the only decent thing about yahoo,,,,UGGGH!!!
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    $TSM , and now $TER (ESP TER), has Impeccable EPS beats in all aspects and positive guidance... EXPECTING the same for $SWKS , $IIVI....
    IMO, this momentum creates good signs going FWD into $AMD’s EPS...
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    $QRVO conversation
    Looks like $SWKS was the best 5G play after all 😁 Not saying Qorvo and $QCOM are bad but they just got OVERHYPED. Now it’s time for them to come back to earth 😏
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    Apple Inc.
    Another Apple supplier cuts guidance $AAPL, $QRVO, $LITE, $JPDYY, $SWKS
    Austria-based 3D imaging supplier AMS becomes the latest Apple (AAPL +1.8%) supplier to cut its guidance, citing “recent demand changes from a major consumer customer.” AMS says the “increasing volat
    Austria-based 3D imaging supplier AMS becomes the latest Apple (AAPL +1.8%) supplier to cut its guidance, citing “recent demand changes from a major consumer customer.” AMS says the “increasing volat
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    $SWKS conversation
    Which one is better, higher revenue or higher margin?
    If revenue is not improving or going down then higher margin means nothing.
    However, if revenue goes up significantly but margin goes down a little bit then it is still in benefit of the company.
    This is exactly the case with QRVO that reduced its margin by 2% but increased revenue by over 17%.
    Bottom line is that much higher revenue produces much higher gross income even at lower margin.

    SWKS investors should notice that starting current quarter, QRVO revenue is going above SWKS revenue and their income are getting close to each other. But remember that SWKS has over 65m more shares than QRVO and when QRVO improves its margin then its income will exceed swks's income in coming quarters. Another factor is that market cap. SWKS market cap is almost twice QRVO market cap while both companies are producing same revenue and income. Who knows, QRVO rev and income will exceeds SWKS soon.