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Pinterest, Inc. (PINS)

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  • L
    $PINS conversation
    Sold all my FB stock.. and I had a lot in favor of $PINS. This will pop $100 in no time. Hold strong and accumulate if you can.
  • S
    $PINS for the win! So happy, I picked up shares last hear in the teens.
  • s
    $PINS conversation
    Target Raised by Morgan Stanley Overweight USD 73 » USD 80
  • H
    $PINS for $100 in 6months
  • M
    $VZ conversation

  • T
    BlackBerry Limited
    $BB is going to be a serious winner! They far exceed the competition much like Tesla in the electric car/battery market. Now my 2nd largest holding with exception of $PINS. BB is wound tight and ready to run! The IoT in vehicles hasn't even scratched the surface and the new multi billion dollar industry.
  • J
    $WORK conversation
    WORK (Slack) under negotiations to be BOUGHT OUT by Salesforce for $40 Billion!!!!.........$NET $PINS $MSFT $APPL $SNAP $TW
  • S
    $PINS for the wins
  • T
    $^IXIC conversation
    SUBPAR ER, massive cash burn and 40-50% Market Value PUMPING in a single day is a new norm! GETTING QUICK RICH HAS NEVER BEEN SO EASY!
    SNAP is up 120% in 15 trading days, $TTD up 30%, $PINS up 90%...
  • p
    Congrats 🥳 bulls nowhere to go but up. To those who follow the YTube Chanel thank you and congrats huge day yesterday we boomed at $PINS and $TUP. Next up to blast I off today $OSTK. Let’s go baby god bless !!
  • h
    $BA conversation
    I don believe even certificçation will move stock price higher than june prices. Brokerage firms dont like BA or they love making $$$ out of put options. Shorting BA is very very profitable for them. BTW never use or touch options if you are not a veteran of markets. Dont believe in lesson tooTable always win, 90% option player lose $$$. s. Options are for experienced players. Let them eat each other. Go play state lottery. Your odds are much better than option markets.
  • N
    $AAPL conversation
    With Apple down more than five percent after earnings, expect the volatile selloff to resume on Friday. Good luck to all and be disciplined when entering and exiting positions.

    $^dji $^gspc $^ixic $qqq $amzn $fb $pins $snap $nflx $intc $sbux $msft $f $c $cvs $ibm $amd
  • S
    $PINS conversation
    Target Raised by Deutsche Bank Buy USD 55 » USD 75
    Target Raised by UBS Buy USD 57 » USD 70
    Upgrades MKM Partners Buy USD 35 » USD 66
    Target Raised by RBC Capital Outperform USD 44 » USD 80
    Maintains KeyBanc Overweight USD 60 » USD 76
    Target Raised by Pivotal Research Hold USD 44.5 » USD 75
    Upgrades JPMorgan Chase Overweight USD 57 » USD 75
    Maintains Bank of America Buy USD 58 » USD 72
    Target Raised by Morgan Stanley Overweight USD 47 » USD 73
  • M
    Congrats to all longs on $PINS
    I’ve traded this when it was around 20$ and sold in 30s...
    then go back in around 44$, recently , bought the October 30, 60$ calls and some Nov 60 Call Options.
    Lol I sold the Oct 30 calls on Monday.

    Then didn’t realize I sold my Nov 60$ Calls!!!!
    And here I am thinking $$$$,
    But I didn’t have any positions lol
  • D
    $FB conversation
    This should be treated like $SNAP and $PINS for also beating expectations. There's no reason for it not to be 300+ AH
  • S
    $DOC.V conversation

    Always important to see how the market is reacting across all Telemedicine related companies when invested in a stock like CloudMD. The reality is most stocks within the same sector follow patterns based on how the sector in general is growing (i.e, $SNAP, $FB, $PINS all in social media sector, all having GREAT earnings and strong revenue due to increased usage during pandemic and societal shift to high usage of social media related platforms - look at PINS afterhours... and that's why I bought PINS for Earnings Call - scaled out at $58.00, it was too predictable to be honest).

    With that being said, a poor earnings on Teladoc does not necessarily mean that $ONEM, $AMWL, $WELL, $JNH, $DOC etc.. will follow suit. It's just part of "paying attention" to your sector your invested in. Look forward to jumping on the call tommorow with everyone at 12:30 where we can follow up with Dr. Hamza.

    Canadian Healthcare is set up completely different to the United States and I believe we have significant upside from here.
  • C
    $^IXIC conversation
    Now they are PUMPING $TWTR BUBBLE again! Despite Falling Subscriber numbers and TERRIBLE GUIDANCE!
  • A
    $TWTR conversation
    Every time $Snap and $Pins does well, $TWTR doesn't and drops 20%. Always messes me up.
  • N
    $^DJI conversation
    Big earnings reports coming after the bell. The slightest disappointment will cause the selloff to resume. Good luck to everyone, and keep your powder dry.

    $^gspc $^ixic $aapl $amzn $fb $goog $f $pins $snap $ibm $c $msft $intc $amd
  • b
    $HTZ conversation
    by the way @jason, @ilja, @low-rence, I bought $pins at $10, it is $64 tonight, you're on the wrong horse....