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Pfizer Inc. (PFE)

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    $BNTX conversation
    Look at $PFE now ~300B cap. We at ~40B. BNTX/PFE collab (based on Q3) was 36B of the 86B total revenue for PFE... We are way undervalued in comparison. Correct me if Im wrong :).
  • J
    $BEAM conversation
    Lemme see. There are 3000 labs doing it. 11,000 publications. And beam owns all the rights to BE. Half of all genetic diseases are point mutations. And $PFE is making deals. But beam is overvalued??
  • a
    $PFE CEO expects mRNA shingles vaccine to match $GSK's Shingrix on efficacy with much better tolerability. (Source: Today’s JPM webcast.)
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    $INO conversation
    Reason for downturn..
    Supreme Court blocks nationwide vaccine and testing mandate for large businesses, allows health care worker vaccine mandate to take effect
  • M
    Went from all cash today to back in 25%…
    Equal $ amts in $SENS $PAYX $FB $AAPL $DKS $PG $PFE $MRK
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    $BNTX conversation
    You see $PFE investing in $BEAM. Why not put ur money in its future not its past. BNTX has fallen about as much.
  • M
    I couldn’t stay out any longer!! Added $MRNA just now to my $GS $AAPL $DKS $PFE $MRK $FB $PAYX $PG (long shot)- $SENS $ABNB $XOM
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    $BEAM conversation
    I am wondering how this works. Since $PFE has made a deal with $BEAM. does that hold other offers from other companies? Does that stop any buyout attempts? $PFE has the cash in the bank NOW, to purchase this company outright today! Bourla has the cash to do it today. But NO. He sets up a minor contract in his eyes (not in the eyes of $BEAM.) To have them prove themselves. Then, IF, the results are over the wall expectations, maybe, just maybe, a takeover could be discussed.
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    Simple Joe
    $PACB conversation
    I wouldnt be surprised if $MRK or $PFE buy $PACB or a group with a nice pipeline like $DTIL.
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    $SU conversation
    My new year resolutions include buying more $PFE, $Pltr, $SU...😍
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    Wisdom of Crowds
    CVS has a forward PE of 12, Top Line +10% Bottom Line +30%. Business performance is accelerating despite low valuation and local integrated health care vision (including Aetna integration) is working……strong buy and a core holding. Believe CVS is also good inflation hedge. Well done to management team for a good year. I also like $PFE $FDX $ $ for similar great valuation, business momentum and strategic position (competitive moat). Do your own due diligence but this little group of companies is rocking it!
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    $VXRT conversation
    $MRNA and $PFE Modified-Ribo-Nucleic-Acid experiment is not working. Look at millions of breakthrough variant cases after those "vaccine jabs". Allow outside competition and break the Big Pharma cartel and their handlers in FDA and CDC now!!!!
  • a
    Pfizer Inc.
    The recent market is not good ah, have begun to eat bread $PFE $WIMI
  • C
    $MRNA conversation
    $BNTX will speak tmrw 9:45. Expect more fireworks. The two + $PFE will combine for ~$100B revenues this yr. Not enormous by the tech companies' standard, until one sees the margins...
    Not leaving.
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    $PROG conversation
    The FDA approved Pfizer's $PFE Xeljanz for Treatment of Ankylosing Spondylitis and guess who has the patent for ingestion therapeutic technology which delivers Xeljanz to the large intestine? $PROG! Just another reason the short bashers are working overtime on here.😄
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    Tell No Lies 🎃
    $NVAX conversation
    SCOTUS just ruled AGAINST Bidens vaccine mandate! Vaccine stocks will now plummet, probably 50% or more! DEAD MONEY for YEARS!!!

    $MRNA $PFE
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    $VXRT conversation
    $PFE $MRNA Big Pharma COVID shot companies have repeatedly insinuated their injections would effectively eradicate COVID-19. Why did they make this claim? Well, Pfizer and Moderna, for their part, pulled information from limited trial data without actually releasing information on patients related to virus carriage and/or shedding. There was no real basis to these immunization claims, but Pfizer and Moderna made them anyway, and the government played along. Time to take a hard look and break the cartel.
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    Amy B.
    We are the only vaccine w pediatrics on file right now and with $PFE failing the trial in ages 2-5 #Covaxin is on deck
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    $OPK conversation
    Australia's TGA regulatory authority (Therapeutic Goods Administration) approves Pfizer Inc. $PFE and OPKO Health Inc. $OPK #Ngenla (#somatrogon) to treat paediatric growth disturbance. Read more:
    TGA decision: Ngenla (somatrogon) is approved to treat pediatric growth disturba
    TGA decision: Ngenla (somatrogon) is approved to treat pediatric growth disturba