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Petróleo Brasileiro S.A. - Petrobras (PBR)

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    $MOMO conversation
    Volatility and algo arbitrage make each dip in momo a massive buying opportunity. Why? Because this is a pure momentum trade that has nothing to do with fundamentals. As Munger and Buffett say "buy low and be patient. We are great in waiting patiently over a long period of time."

    $baba $momo $uxin $doyu $jd $pbr $pltr
  • t
    I’m not sure MBS is eager to help this administration with cheaper oil after the Kashoggi accusation. 10s bond spikes are a warning on frothy valuations. Equities trading at 2x Price to Sales. I’m sure Cathy Woods portfolio is +3x. $XOM $CVX $OXY $PBR ~1x. Bringing valuations at more reasonable levels is behind GS and JPM “rotation to commodities” thesis.
  • t
    $JNJ $MRK boost in vaccination output will get us up and running by summer. So best bargains right now should be in EM $PBR and take profits in 2022.
  • J
    Jay C
    On real life, with real money involved, $APA is +60% YTD, $OXY is +80% YTD and $PBR is -30% YTD ...
    Bolsonaro totally ruined the oil momentum to all shareholders, a lot of them saying here it will fly, only to take them back to where it all started and recover their losses.
    Be smart, there is no shame in SELLING when a Populist interfere with a company management and then wait for the dust to settle and jump back in looking for a profit.
    My friend @NIKO didn’t understand that. He said he lives rent free in my mind. I don’t live rent free.... I have a rent to pay, and I pay that rent with his money 🤑
  • Z
    $PBR conversation
    Hello Community , in recent events about $PBR stock.
    according to the news that the company fired its CEO , price of the shares dropped 21% yesterday.
    And as much i could see on some platforms , the stock got some short yesterday.
    current price 7.92$ per share.
    P/E ratio 8.60
    The company seems to do well according to the current situation. (Covid19)
    $PBR is the biggest brazilian oil company and one of the major oil companies in the global.
    My personal view , i see it as a great oportunity to enter at the current price.
    I want to hear yours.
    *This is not a financial advise.
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    Eddy D
    $PBR conversation

    Company based investment based on oil at $351

    Just restored 31B reals in assets from Covid period evaluation.

    So what, s spat between President and CEO ( who may lose the battle).

    Oil is in under the sea to be repriced !

    Cannot sink since world price looks for oil at 70 and up.

    Bullish up to 11$
  • J
    $NOK conversation
    Like one poster said $PBR oil is better than NOK!
  • r
    $PBR conversation
    Over the weekend I posted my concern for other Brazilian companies and got the most thumbs down I have ever received!!

    This is NOT just a $pbr issue, its a Brazilian leadership issue that absolutely let the world know Brazil can care less about investors and that will NOT end well.

    How's the Brazilian markets doing???
  • K
    KINGOAKS capital
    Looks good...setting new higher highs and higher lows. It may just pop 30-40% one morning and keeps going for a few days....just like the $PBR case 2 years back (as indicated earlier). So if it’s an investment play (done all the deep dives) ...then don’t be a weak-hand...hold on. If it’s a day trading swing play...then trade on its technicals. $PBR went from low 2s to hi 18s in a few months.
  • K
    KINGOAKS capital
    To me this looks like a replay of $PBR... at the current price of $1.15-1.16, the yield now is approx 10% based on the latest DIVD pay out schedule for 2019. This should be the low
  • K
    KINGOAKS capital
    Higher lows. This feels like a bottom. Loading up more. It’s one of my key LONG plays. Just look at other similar cases: $PBR $FCX and $WLL.
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    $PBR conversation
    Downgraded by UBS Neutral » Underperform USD 13 » USD 9
    Downgraded by Credit Suisse Outperform » Underperform
    Downgraded by Bank of America Buy » Underperform USD 11
    Downgraded by JPMorgan Chase Overweight » Underweight USD 17 » USD 9
    Downgraded by Sbank Outperform » Sector Perform
  • S
    $PBR always beat big in their 2nd quarter earning and I highly doubt they will miss expectations this time. My prediction is $13 before September ... easy money.
  • K
    KINGOAKS capital
    It’s closing Hi Hi. Mr Mkt is efficient and smart: no more grossly mis-pricing on CBL. It will turn around. Seeing mall traffic up. Folks still need to go out social...and mall will be a very diff kind of mall than before. All aboard, last call. It will say good bye to $2-4 soon! LOOK AT $PBR ...was $2ish...then blood on the street with super pessimistic view: all will be driving electric by 2020...oil to stay at Lo $20 ...lots of BK scandals... everyday someone saying $PBR was going to $0. That’s the signal! Buy (after months of capitulation) when ALL selling!
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    KINGOAKS capital
    I have seen many similar cases: $PBR at $2ish. ($125B in debt...never to get out and rebound..etc...) $CAR at $20s vs book$7 ...V shape or double bottom rebound. Loaded up $GE ...unlikely $7-8 super bearish short sellers' wet dream wish. Some said $PBR and $CAR...$C were all going to $1. Recall $IBM? $7-8 book or just for the $making units like Aero and health...but in reality no one can get $GE at that one will sell $GE AT THAT $7-8 book... if no $GE aerospace technology.....there would be no great USA! Too important to fail! This is a re-test of recent will just go steadily higher per internal technicals. BUY BUY BUY.
  • K
    KINGOAKS capital
    Just like $PBR case from 2015-2018....weak hands sold. Strong hands held on and got rewarded...$2ish to a pop of $18.
  • a
    Nabors Industries Ltd.
    I sold yesterday and bought $PBR talk about good timing
  • K
    KINGOAKS capital
    B very careful with fallen angels... it’s like catching a falling knife. Hope $CBL will recover and transform itself: it’s going to take time... there will be new profitable tenants looking for this type of route-to-market. It’s like blood transfusion ...out with the old “bad” blood and in with the new blood. $PBR $AVP $FOSL $RH etc...many recovered nicely. Not sure about those who loaded up at the high points. If bought into this play recently then odds in your fav ....might be way better than those loaded up before mid last yr
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    KINGOAKS capital
    I think Mkt is resetting $CBL based it’s new divd this yr= $0.07x2 instead of $0.07x4 (to pay for the class action law suit settlement). Before this announcement MKT set the risk on the stock against the original DIVD of $0.07x 4 at approx 11%. Now at $1.16 (lowest today) it’s now back to “equilibrium” based on this yrs DIVD $0.07x2. Doubt there will be any more DIVD cuts... to me, it’s a replay of $PBR.
  • H
    $PBR conversation
    Chinese investors pour Million of Dollars in PBR to keep the price of PBR falling. Now they ran out of money - we shall see who would catch the falling knife.