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Invitae Corporation (NVTA)

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    $PACB conversation
    This is NVTA and PACB:
    Simon - what do u think of the NGS company Jason has gone to ? Would it’s acquisition by $NVTA make $NVTA fully vertically integrated, like $TSLA? Is that the missing link for a run away winner in the Diagnostics/monitoring space ?

    Simon answers:
    I don't follow GenapSys too closely, but I imagine they could eat away at the low-throughput end of NGS if everything goes to plan. I'm not certain Illumina focuses too heavily on that part of its portfolio. Invitae already is fairly vertically integrated, however ...
    ... as far as hardware is concerned, prenatal screening is migrating to Singular Bio instruments, a company Invitae bought in 2019. For the main sequencing cluster, I would guess that most of it moves to HiFi sequencing in the coming years. While that certainly isn't full ...
    .. vertical integration, Invitae will receive preferential economics for ~5 years given the nature of its agreement with PacBio.
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    I like Invitae because it seems to be the market-leader in making genetic-diagnostic testing the standard of care, especially cost wise. I see only opportunity for more bespoke testing, upsell solutions to existing customer base, and a huge total addressable market, plus first-mover advantage with providers.

    What I’m failing to understand is why $NVTA is consistently compared to $BNGO. The latter seems less consumer-facing, more B2B and more hardware focused with visualization software. Am I correct in that NVTA is more likely to be a client of BNGO than the other way around?

    NVTA’s model appears to be a lot more scalable. They seem less competitors and more complimentary pieces within the same puzzle.

    For those in the medical field, what exactly makes BNGO’s technology superior? My layperson view is that NVTA does gene-sequencing at a high-level for efficiency, while BNGO does gene-mapping at a MUCH closer and granular view - albeit higher cost? BNGO claims to be better than Next-Gen sequencing but the key question is whether their product is more than the market requires, whereas NVTA is a mass-solution, more accessible to people and providers.

    I’m currently long $NVTA and have yet to buy $BNGO. Curious if anyone owns both, and if so, what your distinction is between the two. Thanks!
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    $CERS conversation
    Price action is strange here. Ark ups stake 30% to 21 million shares of $cers. Given how they've done with $nvta and many others, this should have moved the price to a 52 week high... easily. Especially in this speculative market and with near term catalysts. Finding it bizarre....
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    $NVTA conversation
    Three weeks ago I noted that the projected revenue for Q1 was only $24M. That figure is gone now, and has been replaced by $27.09M. The highest estimate is $29.67M and that would take about 62,000 tests.

    That's nice, but my hope is that $NVTA turns in 63,000 tests and reports $30.2M for Q1.
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    $NVTA conversation
    It’s easily the most overlooked megatrend I’ve ever written about.
    It’s easily the most overlooked megatrend I’ve ever written about.
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    $NVTA conversation
    If you want to look at the doji chart pattern for $NVTA we have a huge engulfing bull candlestick, combined with a bounce off oversold RSI levels. Classic reversal pattern. Shorts could get crushed if they don't close out their positions.
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    Markets going up 5% tomorrow:


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    Set it and FORGET IT. My biggest holding yet the one i stress the least without question. Heading for 40-50 this calendar year is IMMINENT. Let’s gooooo #NVTA
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    $SRPT conversation
    More kids more patients:
    $SRPT and $NVTA Expand Partnership to Advance Clinical Research in Duchenne Muscular Dystrophy
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    CRISPR Therapeutics AG
    $CRSP and the other genomic plays ($EDIT $NTLA $NVTA $PACB) are the kind of stocks that you shouldn't be buying based purely on valuation. you either believe in the potential or you dont.
    for those of us that believe, I think we will rewarded 10x over. IMO
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    Pacific Biosciences of California, Inc.
    2021 year of the biotechs, $PACB, $NVTA, $NTLA, all going to double and more.
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    $PSTH conversation
    Bloomberg feed:

    You think Snowflake was big? Well, let me tell you a thing or two. Bill Ackman's ego is even bigger, and with the largest SPAC in history he is going to have the most blockbuster listing. It's going to be so huge, even Buffett's chair is going to wobble when he sees this. He's got a war chest of 4 billion with additional capital he can allocate up to 7 billion. No fees. The only performance he get's is the appreciation of the stock price.

    Airbnb thinks it's cute telling everyone they are going to go the IPO route, but let's be real tea, they cannot wait that long for a cash infusion and don't want to leave money on the table or risk falling below their IPO price with a valuation by the public uncertain. That was a cute trick to try fool Ackman they have other options, but they really don't. No more growth equity money is going into that.

    Ackman has stated many times he wants a deal done this year and that now is the time. He already made arguably the best YOLO in history, turning 2.7m into 2.7b in about 10 days. He's on fire and is going to do it with PSTH.

    I'm basically all-in.


    $PSTH 3/19/21 20c & 25c

    Target Price: $40+

    Note my previous YOLO: $NVTA is ITM.
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    $NNDM conversation
    My first reaction this morning was "what the f...", but I'm still thinking what happened beginning of April on $NVTA when they announced a direct offering of shares for 10$. The stock plunged 25% at the opening, Unfortunately I didn't buy, the stock started to recuperate and when it got back to my entry price I sold. That has been my biggest mistake of the year. We can all see where it is now. Will the same happen here? Of course I'm not sure but they're good possibilities it will. ARK was, then also, in $NVTA.
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    Invitae Corporation
    Invitae Reports $216.8 Million in Annual Revenue Driven by More Than 482,000 Samples in 2019 $NVTA
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    MMM Hmmm
    $PRED conversation
    How many BTKS out there have lost money... ALL OF THEM till they come up with their big Theraputic. Come on.... How many on the American, Nasdaq, NYSE are worth $3 , $5, $10 ,$20 bucks and have tons of losses. Look at this come $NVTA Earnings for 2020 -2.78 2021 -2.20 2022 -1.70 2023 -1.23 and even better 2024 -3.09 and it is $43 dollars a share Thats with 200 Million shares outstanding.... That is a PUMP!!!!
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    $PRED conversation
    Nate Anderson (author behind @HindenburgRes
    short piece against $PRED) is heavily promoting $NVTA on his personal Twitter:
    Now we understand why he is attacking Predictive Technologies Group - to destroy competition
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    $NVTA conversation
    $NVTA Offering confirmed $16.85, this thing is going straight to Mordor.
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    Silent H
    $NVTA conversation
    How much $NVTA does ARK own? Didn't they pick up more recently?
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    $NVTA conversation
    #NVTA Technical indicators are looking bullish. Looking for breakout at 16.58 for a run up to 19.37.
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    $NVTA conversation
    $NVTA has officially gone nowhere since Oct 7.
    $NTRA is up 25% since Oct 7.