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Netflix, Inc. (NFLX)

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    $DIS conversation
    The lumber shortage.
    The microchip shortage.
    The gas shortage.
    And now the formula shortage.
    Nothing is built. Nothing is back. Nothing is better.
    - Lauren Boebert
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    $FNGU conversation
    Let us get to $25 soon with the help of $AMZN $FB $NFLX $GOOG $MSFT … 4 weeks
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    Netflix, Inc.
    $NFLX EZ money. Wait for a year and see.
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    $WBD conversation
    Jim Lebenthal @jlebenthal (on Twitter discussing $PARA earnings release):
    $PARA beats on subscriber additions. Adds over 6MM streaming subscribers in the 1st quarter. $NFLX has a problem but it is a $NFLX problem, not an industry problem.
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    $SPY conversation
    There is no bottom until most companies have market caps in the millions rather than billions. For example $nflx should be at most a $500 million company
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    $DIS conversation
    There's hope for DSN. Maybe when it hits $10/share someone like Musk will buy it and take it private...maybe $NFLX too, when it hits 10 (Yuan that is).
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    $WIMI conversation
    according to the stistics:
    $WIMI the EvaluateResearch: "buy" rating with $7 latest price target for WIMI Hologram Cloud(WIMI)
    $NFLX the Morgan Stanley: Net new user expectations are insufficient, cut the Netflix (NFLX) price target to $425, maintaining a "flat with the market" rating
    $DVN Truist: Maintain its "buy" rating on Devon Energy (DVN) and raised its price target to $80.
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    $NFLX conversation
    HBO and HBO Max (Warner Discovery) added 3 million subscribers during the quarter $WBD

    All the macro bears who interpreted $NFLX subs miss as a proof that the customer is struggling => maybe try to look at the data with less confirmation bias?
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    $AMZN conversation
    Don't say you weren't warned about this massive draw down in $AMZN. I got a lot of flack from bulls when I posted 2 days ago that this would hit a 52 week low after earnings and I'm certain I'll get more flack for saying I told you so. But just like $GOOG, $NFLX, and $FB, it was inevitable. And thanks to the great work of Carter Worth and the Options Action traders, they laid out a put spread strategy last Friday that would have not only saved you from losses, but given you a nice return. If you didn't heed the warning, do yourself a favor and wait until this settles in the next few days before doubling down. Likely more downside to come. Great long term investment under $2400 for long term investors.
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    Apple Inc.
    Stocks will keep going down. There's no bottom in sight. The experts are saying the same. The near term price targets: $AAPL $120, $NVDA $10, $NFLX $5, $FB $50, $AMZN $500, $A ($GOOG) $200, $MSFT $100, NASDAQ 3000.
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    Teva Pharmaceutical Industries Limited
    the good side of owning TEVA is that it did not crash like other hi tech big names. i you bought at 9-11 you are only 20-30% down and not 60-70-80% down like in $SHOP $NFLX $FVRR $NIO ext.
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    Netflix, Inc.
    $NFLX Metaverse, one of the hottest tracks in the digital industry, has been racing out of bounds recently. The wonderful future of the seamless integration of the virtual and real human world, as well as the new scene and digital transformation from virtual entertainment, smart cities, and smart factories to the real Internet, has attracted a large amount of global capital, and many governments have also incorporated metaverse into the future industrial development system. $NVDA $WIMI
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    Millions of cancellations of $NFLX accounts because millions of people decided to go see movies at $AMC theatres! Obviously 🙄
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    $NFLX conversation
    Hilarious. every other tool including the ones in here are NOW talking about how $NFLX is done. Please, please, please continue to short and sell so I can pick up more at a discount. Just picked up today and I'll pick some more if it drops again. Analyst don't mean jack. All I know is Netflix will be back to $500 within 52 weeks and I'll have doubled my money. They are the market leader of streaming. They are going to start putting ads for more revenue and sharing will basically be next to impossible by the time they're done with the changes they make. Don't like that their fees are going up? Too bad, you're the ones causing it by sharing your account. THANK YOU for the cheap shares and GLTA longs!
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    Fun fact: If you had owned $NFLX 5 years ago you’d still be up 58%. If you had owned $BABA 5 years ago you’d be down 20%. 🤣🤣🤣
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    flush Red
    $NFLX conversation
    $nflx $dis democrats run woke go broke bankruptcy domino of toxic debt
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    $NFLX conversation
    The most important lesson I've learned about trading stocks is never hold a stock into earnings. If you have to take a position, do it through options. You can even use options to make money even if you don't know which direction a stock will move. The April 22 $350 straddle on $NFLX was $40 yesterday and is now worth $125 or a profit of $8500 per straddle in just 24 hours.
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    Olimpia S
    $NFLX conversation
    Bill Ackman has sold his $nflx 3.1 million shares, right now
    He lost $435 millon dollars
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    $NFLX conversation
    $NFLX Recession and inflation could see $5.00
  • M
    $nflx Cash flow positive and guided cash flow positive as well !! And they haven’t even gotten into other areas of growth yet like adds and sports ! I’ll be accumulating here ! $spy