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    $TSLA conversation
    TSLA is only down 10%. That's nothing. It could have been so much worse.
    Thankfully TSLA shareholders are experienced investors that don't worry about what happens when the margin calls start going out. The people who really need to worry are those holding $MS who financed Elon's leverage. If Elon has to dump $20-40Billion more TSLA shares, sure, it might lead to other investors getting margin calls and driving the price even lower, but that is no reason to panic. No. Experienced TSLA shareholders already knew the risk they were taking on buying a stock with a 3-figure PE and an irrational CEO, a stock largely held by people who were 10-12 years old in 2008. It'll be fine. Load up a bowl and think of this as a learning experience.
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    Metal Ox
    $bac $jpm $ms $gs What the investment case for owning bank stocks like Bank of America and JP Morgan? Do either have potential to double or triple, and split shares like $googl, $aapl, $msft; or does one just own for stability and dividends, and not expect bank stocks to beat the s&p500 over 10 years? Ditto for Morgan Stanley and Goldman Sachs? I am long jpm, ms, but hesitant to add more. Your thoughts?
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    ZIM Integrated Shipping Services Ltd.
    ZIM is a superb company which is growing every month, and generating $Ms frequently as a result of more ships. I suspect the stock will rise to $100 to $120 this year.
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    Is Carvana Enron
    $CVNA conversation
    Inflation out of control, demand for big ticket items falling, and used car prices normalizing. $CVNA goes Enron as soon as US falls into a recession. No amount of Adam Jonas’ BS from $MS can save it.
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    $SFOR conversation
    Kays says "we built this and that 18 years ago" and "we sell $ms and M's". Dud has a vivid imagination, suffers from dementia or?? (I am paraphrasing)

    Is it "We are starting to get the word out now" or is it "we have sold $ms and $M's"? Or "not everyone is buying it"?
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    What does $MS think now?
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    $SOFI conversation
    Execs need to step up and buy $Ms of shares!
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    Is Carvana Enron
    $CVNA conversation
    WHEN the $CVNA Enron story is told, I hope it features a big segment on Adam Jonas of $MS. I’ll never forget how he cost me thousands on puts after a terrible earnings report with his first BS 400+ call and “does that make sense?” appearances in financial media. Humiliate him and then jail him!
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    $CDR-PC conversation
    Please take action to bring justice to CDR management:
    Contact justice department (Fraud unit) and file complaint with SEC.
    SEC complaint form:

    Justice dept fraud section leaders :
    email format - example:

    This is in addition to contacting fund managers who own $Ms shares, | Report Suspected Securities Fraud or Wrongdoing
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    Metal Ox
    I am allocating some new money to financials this week. Watching $ms, $bac, $wfc. Let me know if anyone has strong conviction in favor of buying at recent share prices Morgan Stanley, Bank of America, or Wells Fargo, presence between the three. Thx!!
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    $CVNA conversation
    When contacting the SEC and FINRA about $CVNA, what should we mention?
    1) The whole Adam Jonas saving the stock price after flat earnings in the best quarter for used cars ever thing?
    2) The fact that Jonas works for $MS, which owns 100s of Ks of shares of Carvana’s stock? (HUGE potential conflict of interest, no?)
    3) The opaque, irregular accounting?
    4) The incestuous relationships with EGII’s companies? (Doesn’t something like 1/3 of company revenue come from them?)
    5) Tutes trading it back and forth everyday? (To boost price?)
    6) The fact that EGII sold something like 60k shares A DAY for something like a year on his own and could also be selling through proxies?
    7) The fact that bad press is almost always miraculously followed by a puff piece in the same outlets?
    8) The fact that a lot of the positive reviews on 3rd party sites read like they’re fake and a disproportionate number of positive reviews on Trustpilot were solicited? (You can filter by source.)
    Any ideas as to where to begin? $KMX $AN
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    reality check entertainment
    This past weekend $MS announced that they have accumulated over 20 million shares of $SKLZ. Date 1/8/21
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    William ₿
    $GBTC conversation
    Morgan Stanley $MS Increases Grayscale Bitcoin Trust Investment $GBTC in its customer funds over 67% from 6/30 to 9/30. Total $GBTC Holdings $300,000,000+ Watch what they do...not what they say! --Brian Mass
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    $ETFC conversation
    Target Set by Credit Suisse Buy USD 58
    Target Raised by RBC Capital Outperform USD 50 » USD 55
    Target Raised by Argus Average » Buy USD 48 » USD 60
    Target Raised by D.A. Davidson Buy USD 58 » USD 64
    Target Raised by Barclays Capital Equal Weight USD 55 » USD 60
    Target Raised by BMO Capital Markets Positive » Outperform USD 65 » USD 68
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    $ZS conversation
    When I compare the profit and sales metrics of ZS to CRWD, I conclude that they are both priced as if they will grow like crazy with a large TAM. But, ZS looks to me to be the better deal.

    ZS has reached profitability, which CRWD still is loosing every quarter. ZS has a lower MC of $9.6 B, which CRWD is already way up to $14 B on the new issue emotions.

    Both have similar sales growth and similar sales for the last 4 quarters:

    Sales in $Ms
    79 81
    74 66
    63 56
    56 47
    280 250 Last 4 quarters total

    However this means that CRWD is selling at a colossal high value of 55 x sales, while ZS is "only" 34 x sales; and again, ZS has gotten to profitability, even if small, while CRWD is loosing significant $$$s.

    Both companies have a similar approach to software security using a modern, excellent for large enterprise, cloud based, multitenant architecture, that can offer cost and speed advantages against other approaches.

    I like them both as growth companies, but ZS is the better value right now. I suspect that 30 days from now CRWD's will be lower, probably under $50, while ZS will be higher, probably over $80.
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    $MS conversation
    I have used E*Trade happily for years as a customer. I have ZERO doubt in my mind, Morgan Stanley will absolutely destroy E*Trade's business either making it more expensive to use or disseminating the technology. An easy to use, low cost technology platform...that works!

    This, my friends, is just sad to see an efficient business like E*Trade go down like this. E*Trade customers can expect to start getting phone calls from MS Advisors pitching private wealth mgt services. Arrrrrrgh. It's time to start shopping for another retail brokerage! #ETradeDemise $ETFC $MS
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    My Name is Joe
    $SHOP conversation
    If you wondering why Shopify dropped yesterday; look at insider selling. John Phillips sold $17 Million. The share price was up $20 in the morning but ending up -$40.
    Tuesday morning the share price was up over $30 and ended up down $20 as Tobi the CEO sold over $10 Million. He does this every week.
    I know it is part of the incentive plan but they are not forced to exercise their options, they do it because they believe the share price is grossly overvalued. If it was undervalued they wouldn't be selling. I know some of you don't care but if $MS gets fed up with the insider selling and they sell off their $6 Billion market share it will be a big problem for Shopify share holders.
    ⚠️ Is Morgan Stanley $MS under suspicion and will SEC investigate: They carelessly promoted Quantum Scape over Romeo Power $RMO whoes Value far exceeds Quantum Scape’s.

    Morgan Stanley’s Jonas May have missed the mark here; SEC may investigate whether this was an act of ignorance, or manipulation. Their analyst liberally uses the term "game changing," but QuantumScape's technology really could be game changing only if it pans out. That’s a big if. But with that said, auto investors should keep in mind that this is a research-intensive, slow-moving space: Even if all goes well, it could be four years or more before QuantumScape has any meaningful revenue, much less profits.
    QuantumScape will report its fourth-quarter and full-year 2020 results, and provide investors with an update on its business, after the U.S. markets close on Tuesday, Feb. 16.

    Now that said, another bright play, Romeo Power Inc (NYSE:RMO) Romeo Power, currently has significant revenue, exceeding $550 m with projections exceeding $2.5 b by 2024; all contributed by its automotive giant suppliers and power partners such as Borg Warner, prestigious customers such as Amazon who are eying their impressive 15 minute battery charging time. That said, it may be why 67.87% of the stock is currently owned by institutional investors.
    To top that, the average analyst price targets are in the $35 plus range, based upon its The 2 analysts offering 12-month price forecasts for Romeo Power Inc have a median target of 35.00, with a high estimate of 40.00 and a low estimate of 30.00. The median estimate represents a +98.04% increase from the last price of 16.75.

    We highly caution investors making decisions based upon what one sole analyst says, especially when it doesn’t follow logic, nor make sound financial sense. Whether Morgan Stanley is simply failing to lead investors towards prudent choices in where their money will logically have more growth or they are attempting to manipulate markets to grow their own profits, the likes of FINCEN and SEC investigations will bear out. And we leave the decision on what to buy, to be made by the prudent investors we hope to reach.

    Do your own due diligence
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    Real Immuno Investor 10
    $SLS conversation
    Morgan Stanley Says Steer Clear of U.S. Stocks and Bonds in 2022 Sun, November 14, 2021, 8:42 PM $MS - Morgan Stanley recommending against buying all stock however they increased $SLS holdings by 1,000%
    2021-11-15 13F Morgan Stanley 10.13 184,868 shares 1,092% - Follow the smart money
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    It is often puzzling to me how BLK has become the talk on the street “Blackrock is down some 220 dollars!” From $590 to $380. Yet no one mentions that $MS for instance, is down from $59 to $43. The large number fallacy here is taking its toll.