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Marriott International, Inc. (MAR)

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  • j
    I smell something about this stock implying high volatility on options $mar calls I’m gonna add some puts and watch this become a falling knife
  • R
    $HLT conversation
    The 2 largest hotel groups are trading very close to all time highs!!

    So does that mean business travel, conventions, tourism is all back to normal and they haven't diluted shares or taken on more debt??

    Come on man!!
  • S
    Looks like a big reset taking place. I’m anticipating society basically going back to 100% normal, sometime in 2022; With the exception of some hybrid work. But, to tell you the truth, I want to get out of the house! I’m sick of it. I want to be in the office and I want to get out on the road. $JWN $OXY $ZM $UAL $MAR
  • S
    $AXP $PYPL $MAR $DAL my four combination to love this year
  • J
    $BA conversation
    BREAKING: CDC panel recommends Pfizer Covid vaccine for kids ages 5 to 11 in critical step towards clearance. The CDC Director Dr. Rochelle Walensky can officially approve this vaccine as early as tonight. This should give a nice rotation into cyclical sectors like airlines and it directly benefits their business.

  • P
    PF Wagner
    $MAR conversation
    I see $MAR 's P/E is still at 25. This is a bear market and not only will the P/E collapse but so will the "E.". Downside potential is huge. Someday it will be a great buying opportunity but that will be many, many months out.
  • r
    S&P 500
    Eventually, when this plays out, I can't help but think that there will be huge opportunities in airline and hospitality stocks. $DAL $LUV $MAR $HLT
  • A
    Which one will you buy right now to sell in 1 week?
  • H
    $AAPL conversation
    I am keeping all my longs in all accounts but hedging with VXX.
  • E
    Eddy D
    $AHT conversation
    When driving south to Florida, the kids ask ecery hour : Are we thre YEEEET?

    Now that Marriott has reported... good call, optimistic.
    One can have some data points to set the base and pace. and compare.

    AHT had a1Q - 3 months occupancy with approx 38, 42 and 49% occupancy and broke even ( before hq cost). In their call. they said that APril was better than March.

    Comparing AHT to $MAR, AHT had better report.
    But 22K rooms verus 120K for Marriott.
    So that is OK to track both.

    The airline travel rate was Less 1M - week end passenger in 1Q,
    1.2milish in Mid March,1 4. Mil by Easter and NOw 1.7M.
    This is peak day travel on Thursday and or Sunday of a week.

    Net AHT seems to be a faster occupancy rate and quicker ramp up.
    Buy as a pair for Summer occupancy
  • R
    Wow these TSA traveller numbers are scary for any travel related company. At one point down more than 95% from 2019 $MAR
    This page will be updated by 9 a.m.
    This page will be updated by 9 a.m.
  • C
    Clay Ryan
    Where are the comments?

    This is going to surprise a lot of investors. Just when you think $MAR will have bad earnings, they pull a Boeing.

    $165 PT after earnings is more than doable imo.
  • D
    $AHT conversation
    $aht $18.32 cash per share sounds great. Even the naysayers value aht at $14-$23. FDA full vaccine approval means it will soar. $ht $mar $hlt $h
  • D
    $AHT conversation
    $aht $18.32 cash per share sounds great. Even the naysayers value aht at $14-$23. FDA full vaccine approval means it will soar. $ht $mar $hlt $h
  • R
    $UAL conversation
    Atlanta International Airport had 9.1 million passengers in 2019 or 758000 per month. It is not even at 25% of that number or 2.275 million +/- or 189166 passengers per month.......just Atlanta. Just a fact. And airlines, hotels and cruise lines all up??

    $spy $aal $wynn $mar $lvs $rcl
  • H
    $BTC-USD conversation
    Its not just bitcoins, pretty much everthing is down in my account this morning. The only things up are $NCLH, $MP, $SIL, $CPER, $DAL, $MAR. So its a recovery stocks day.
  • c
    $H conversation
    $H or $MAR for a long term investment...?
  • T
    $HLT conversation
    I made a choice to concede that I am not as bright as I once thought. So I depend to the market to give me the answers as to its direction and I NEVER disagree with what it's telling me. In the past whenever I did disagree, I got burned (like some are now). Should $HLT be trending up? HELL NO! , Should the S&P, Dow and nasdaq be moving up? Again, NO! But who am I to argue with the market. If the market changes it's mind by going below some moving average I consider important along with some other analysis that has worked for me in the past, I will change mine. Until then, I say go long on $HLT, $MAR and the market in general, even though in my mind, it makes no sense.
  • R
    $SPY conversation
    Meanwhile the world has had its single worst week of Covid-19 deaths......We were running 5-6k deaths per week this week it will be 8k plus.

    Not cases, but deaths.

    Not sure anyone's paying attn to that, but it really is a problem.

    Forget the USA, the world (except China of course) has begun lockdowns, or a version thereof.
    $wynn $uber $z $qqq $mar $plnt
  • M
    Mehmet Sakir
    $OXY conversation