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The Coca-Cola Company (KO)

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    $PIC conversation
    Great News on Pipeline
    • Merger is expected to be in Q4 2020!
    • MASSIVE amounts of products expected to be sold in 2020/2021
    • XL Fleet Expects its Largest Partner to Double/Triple Orders in 2021
    • Contracts with $PEP $FDX $KO and ect!
  • P
    $TSNP conversation
    $TSNP - I'm SICK! of everyone talking about $TSNP as if it's going to be the next PAYPAL. First off, TSNP is in a class of its own and it's an insult to compare paypal to $TSNP. $TSNP will change the world. It will be in every continent. It's at 10 cents currently but it has gained 2500% with the merger to HUMBL PAY.

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    Jeremiah S
    Molson Coors Beverage Company
    I own quite a bit of $KO, but I'm intrigued by TAPs moves lately. I like they are diversifying their drink selection with partnerships into THC drinks and now with $KO. The partnership didn't do much for $KO stock yet, but at these prices I might just be a buyer.
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    $KO conversation
    Who is ready to make some good money in $KO?!
  • M
    Coca-Cola recently acquired a massive bottling depot in Uruguay apparently close to ICC’s operations (recently acquired by Aurora).
    ICC would supply raw hemp! This upcoming transaction makes perfect sense!!

    June 30 FS to be released next week as Cam Battley wants to show the added value of the recent acquisitions ! Plus, he confirmed that Aurora is aiming for October for the US listing!

    P.S. the last time an M&A was leaked about Aurora, it was finalized a few weeks after (ICC)...

    #acb #ko #cannabis #fomo #mooning
  • J
    New Age Beverages Corporation
    The new CFO is preparing for something big. $KO and others will look at this company as an acquisition target.
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    $KGKG conversation
    An important consideration for longs. Those out of the gate with CBD the most quickly have the best chance of making it. $KO, $PEP, $MNST ALL will jump into the game quickly once all the national legal hurdles/questions have been answered. Most small CBD infused companies will die unless they can set themselves apart or have a good "head-start". $KGKG is a leader with CBD & building up their distribution before the big boys jump into the fray. How is $KGKG going to set itself apart from the big boys?
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    $ACB.TO conversation
    $KO will partner with Aurora for CDB infused drink for wellness and recovery....I'm all ears waiting for the news. It only makes sense. Today would be a nice day to drop a NR.
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    $ACB.TO conversation
    I highly doubt the $ACB / $KO thing would have been leaked if it wasn't close to happening for real. Last thing a company would want at this stage is a reason for shareholders to dump their stock because of a deal that didn't materialize
  • j
    $KO CEO "We don't have any plans at this stage to get into the space. So that's kind of where we are,"
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    Marijuana Stocks
    $CGC conversation
    Great EOD for $CGC....which one should i add to? $ACBFF $APHQF or $TGODF? Wish I could confirm $KO involvement.
  • O
    How will the farm bill affect the cannabis industry -
    #Cannabis #ACB #CBD #CGC #CRON #CWBHF #FarmBill #GWPH #HEMP #KO #NBEV #TLRY
    Detroit, Dec 22nd, 2018, (PENNYSTOCKS.NEWS), in the U.S, the industrial hemp is legal now that could loosen laws around widespread marijuana extract CBD. On Thursday afternoon, the farm bill 2018 signed by president Donald Trump, that legalized hemp.
    Detroit, Dec 22nd, 2018, (PENNYSTOCKS.NEWS), in the U.S, the industrial hemp is legal now that could loosen laws around widespread marijuana extract CBD. On Thursday afternoon, the farm bill 2018 signed by president Donald Trump, that legalized hemp.
  • m
    Will there be a buyout by $KO soon? Whats a good limit price to buy? Thoughts anyone?
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    $KGKG conversation
    Paradoxically, the longer it takes the FDA to provide clarification on CBD rules & regs, the better it is for $KGKG, a smaller co. to grow and land contracts - as they are not waiting (like most seem to be) to get their product into to those states that have already opened the door. CA, CO, MI are very large markets. Some companies like $NBEV are dragging their heels waiting for national distribution & missing out on getting a head start. But almost everyone will jump in at the same time once CBD rules are clarified, $KO, $PEP, $MNST, beer companies, everyone. Am I wrong for thinking this way?
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    The president of this stock use to work for $KO. Why can’t he get them to invest a couple million on this?
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    $REED conversation
    There are many serious mutual funds and institutions in the $REED
    Amy positive news may move it substantially. $KO or $PEP should swallow it, $5 would be reasonable price acquisition.
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    $KGKG conversation
    Why are the big boys waiting before jumping into the hemp-infused biz? $KO, $PEP, $MNST? Answer: They are waiting for all the legal ambiguity to be removed by the FDA. But will they jump in? How can they not jump into the fray? I'm sure they already have the blends & designs for their new lines already completed. So, when they do many small hemp-infused drink companies will die. Will $KGKG make it? WHY? What advantage do they have? I can think of a few, but it's worth considering now & not being shocked when announcements come that $KO is introducing a whole new line of products.
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    $LXRP conversation
    Two new patents under Lexaria’s belt! 🔥🔥 $LXRP $ACBFF $CGC $KO $BUD
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    $ACB conversation
    Is a $KO and/or $DEO deal with Aurora Cannabis become more or less likely today. The answer is unequivocally clear. Today $ACB should be at least $10.
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    Undervalued. I would buy here.