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H&R Block, Inc. (HRB)

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    $HRB conversation
    Target Raised by Barrington Research In-Line » Outperform USD 18 » USD 21
    Target Raised by Morgan Stanley Equal Weight USD 15 » USD 16
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    $HRB conversation
    this outfit is exactly like wells fargo, just read their employment contract for their $10.00 hr worker.they take bully to new heights!!!!
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    Carpe Diem
    $HRB conversation
    What happened to the old message board?
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    Bible Thumper
    $HRB conversation
    This is stupid.
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    $HRB conversation
    Most people use H & R Block for help in filing for the Earned Income Credit and Child Care Credits. Because the EIC is subject to fraud, the eligibility rules are confusing and convoluted. The EIC dollar amounts can be substantial and it is worth it to go to HR Block in order to receive the credit.
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    $HRB conversation
    H & R Block has new ads running in their "Get Your Taxes Won" campaign. These are the worst ads for a tax preparation services that I have ever seen! They remind me of the "mayhem" ads for insurance, which may be alright for insurance, but really stink it up as an ad for income tax service!! What do you think?
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    $HRB H&R Block will report earnings after the market closes. View Calendar The market is expecting a ±8.0% move after earnings are reported. The average move for the past 4 quarters of earnings has been ±10.7%. (Conf Call: Aug 30 4:30 PM)
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    $HRB conversation
    Wow, everything gone with no warning? How rude!
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    $HRB conversation
    New tax law changes will hurt HRB. Minimum filing threshold will increase to around 35K of taxable income. That will reduce quite a number of retires from having to file. Easier taxes means less need for a professional from HRB. They will just file free online with a number of free services. Most of the HRB offices I saw this tax season were empty. I even know 2 in my area that have closed. HRB pro charging you $350+ to get your taxes done or do it yourself online for free? usually wins.
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    Female Liberals Have Fishmouth
    $HRB conversation
    Time to change the CEO.
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    JOHN A
    $HRB conversation
    Why would anybody invest in this stock??? The stock isn't going anywhere and the divy isn't that great.
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    $HRB conversation
    How about that. HR Block and Turbo Tax both cost $54 if you sell stocks. How can they both be the same price ?
    Isn't it illegal to collude on pricing ?
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    $HRB conversation
    to me it sounds like "Get your Taxes One". Someone in advertising goofed I guess.
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    Derek Haney
    H&R Block, Inc.
    bad news for hr lol
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    $HRB conversation
    The court ruling on 6/5 that the IRS can not charge a fee for preparer PTIN numbers could be a million dollar windfall for Block.