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Canoo Inc. (GOEV)

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  • m
    $INVZ conversation
    IMHO the most important info based on today's ER is that we have OVER 265 million in cash, WE have secured 9 out of 10 targeted partners/customers, the fact that a JOINT statement will be made to announce the 4BILLION dollar buyer, and last but CERTAINLY not least the FACT that $GOEV just announced running OUT of money today...very INTEReSTING Storm a Brewing!!
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    $GOEV conversation
    is it game over for $GOEV?
  • H
    $GOEV conversation
    there will be a point in time $GOEV becomes attractive to a player such as Apple. not today though
  • F
    $WKHS conversation
    Four months ago almost to the day I posted this (updated here with %-age change in value since then, and adding WKHS). Received MASSIVE downvotes, which I found exhilarating:


    Folks are finally waking from their $TSLA fantasies. These little thinly-capitalized wannabes with wild value propositions continue to get whacked. The pain is a good thing as markets step back and rationalize the true value of these story stocks. There will be some degree of recovery for a minority of this club, but the peak prices are forever in the rearview mirror.

    BTW little squads of shrieking redditors can't fix this, and there is no coming short squeeze. Shorts are rolling around in gainz.

    $AYRO -49%
    $FUV -46%
    $SOLO -30%
    $GOEV -47%
    $ARVL -80%
    $NKLA -53%
    $RIDE -54%
    $XOS -8% (WOW!)
    $FFIE -67%
    $WKHS -43%


    FWIW: NASDAQ is down 25% against an EV Sh**Co drop of almost 48%.

    Yes: The EV Sh**Co Short ETF has been a booming fund.
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    $QS conversation
    Remember we know what stocks m=Raj=NoMsCankles = pops= Paul owns $vale. $intl $sldp $goev.Please give them this when they have earnings.
  • K
    Canoo Inc.
    pre revenue spac ipos are risky...i bought way too high and can bear a full loss so why not give them a chance to actually deliver something before bailing? $ARVL same. both have some very cool prototypes. $GOEV has some deep pocket private investors I believe. Friends of Tony as I recall. Yeah speculative indeed, but if they actually build and deliver something this entry ia very cheap compared to other EV companies.
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    $HNST conversation
    watch $GOEV. announced going concern doubts - thinly capitalized like $HNST
  • *
    $MULN conversation
    💎Good Morning Legends >> MULN << Legends Are Here💎
    💎Thursday> MULN < For The Money --*J The Legend !💎




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    The Battle of Sorrento 2020
    $AAPL conversation
    Buy $GOEV for change found in couches at Apple HQ?
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    $GOEV conversation
    Loading up on more shares #goev let’s gooo
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    $GME conversation
    #goev is the next move after GameStop Canoo EV is the future #amc @amc
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    $FSR conversation
    #goev is the next EV move after GameStop Canoo #rivn #tsla bullish #lcid
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    $GOEV conversation
    With the oil prices skyrocketing, this will drive the EVs up! #goev
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  • C
    Hyundai Motor Company
    just a heads up, this isnt about hyundai, this is about canoo, #GOEV #GOEVW. Hyundai is using canoo's platform and is currently paying in the hundred million range per year to canoo for their engineering services. this icar will be a canoo platform, hyundai is only a small piece here but an essential one. u see 28% on hyundai, you will see 300% or more on goev "canoo" in the short term
  • J
    $GOEV conversation
    Okay Robinhooders, you know what to do with that $1,400 stimulus check.....100 shares of $GOEV or 1,700 $GTE.
  • T
    Kia and Apple are talking about making EV car with using skateboard platform of #GOEV
    I expect this to go more than 50$ in this year
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    $GOEV conversation
    ROTH Capital and FORCE Family EV Symposium January 8th at 10 am EST. Both Canoo $GOEV and XL Fleet $XL are speaking. FORCE Family is the largest network of family offices, foundations, endowments, and accredited investors......🚀💋⚡️
  • J
    $HCAC conversation
    $GOEV touched $23 premarket.......🚀🚀💋
  • J
    $GOEV conversation
    Price Targets: $GOEV - $30; $RMG $RMO - $60; $XL - $50.....Just hold steady and don’t sell a share or warrants yet.....🚀💋⚡️