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    $RMTI conversation
    Coot--Good analysis . RMTI's complaint was filed in US District Court Eastern District of Michigan . Read it and draw your own conclusions . My conclusion , in addition to being a PIG; Chioini is a #$%$##g, who will do anything to keep his snout in the trough--including screwing RMTI shareholder --s
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    $DRYS conversation
    let's do the math together. 50,000.00 / 1.33 = 37593 shares. 37593 shares x 2.10 = 78,947 $ 28,000.00 in one week. take that 28k set it aside. Take the 50k and buy again, this time it went as low as 1.40 which would give you 35714 shares and then sell it at 1.92 = 68,571.00 18,500.00 profit. Take the 18k set it aside and reuse the 50k all over again. No matter what Drys is here to stay, and it will get higher. This is big business people. B$$$$$g Business. Let's all make money. I'm at hold position till it hits 2.40 next week or even higher.
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    $BRK-B conversation
    Warren, connection interrupted....can't find server.....WTZ? F%^$#G?
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    Watch Trump victory wash the smirk off Rachel Maddow's face.
    You just can't fix stupid bias hate filled liberals
    Watch Rachel Maddow get that STUPID SMIRK wiped off her face by Trump's Election
    MSNBC hosts looking totally ridiculous over their flawed polls and predictions for the 2016 Election.
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    ✔️🚩 Trump won and he's keeping his promises unlike Obama did for eight years.
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    $TECK conversation
    All of the analysts have capitulated on this stock, with M###g@@ar giving it it's lowest rating of 1, and declaring it fully valued at 8 or 9 bucks. At the other extreme, is the internet's beggest discount broker named after Chuck (the first name of its owner). They've got Teck rated at A1. (About 5% of the stocks in its universe receive an A rating, and most are rated A2 and below--down to A5.) For them to hold on to an A1 rating amounts to "courageous conviction." Sometimes they're right and everyone else is wrong. Sometimes, as in the case of WEC (which has carried an F100 rating for the past several years) they may be right--but only after another 5-10 years have gone by. In the meantime, I've been buying small amounts on a regular basis, and despite buying on the way up, and paying several dozen commission fees, the value of my WEC has doubled!

    Stock-picking isn't a science. it's a game of future "probabilities" based on past results. That's why Bogle and Buffett are buy-and-hold, index fund believers. Individual stocks, and daily checking-up on them, is for people looking for excitement.
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    $G conversation
    No Conversation on Walmart