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Fidelity Contrafund Fund (FCNTX)

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  • z
    I'm doing a project in my personal finance class and i was wondering if anyone knows the best mutual fund to invest into or buy i have a minimal amount of 5,000 to spend
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    $FCNTX conversation
    Was there a distribution?
  • K
    $FCNTX conversation
    Fidelity Contrafund Income Short Term Long Term Total per share
    12/09/2016 12/12/2016 $0.2770 $0.0000 $2.83800 $3.11500
  • j
    Return. To the Past. Joe is right

    This. ??? Format. Sucks
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    $FCNTX 對話
    I took many time to study $FCNTX. Recently, I found a good article about FCNTX, it introduced FCNTX thoroughly. What's more, it explained the difference between FCNTX and others, like FDGRX, FCNTX, VFINX and so on.
  • h
    $FCNTX conversation
    where is the past performance data for mutual funds going back year by year and all those good information. There is no data available. Are you guys in a 'brain freeze'?
  • C
    $FCNTX conversation
    This is really awful. Yahoo!, why do you hate us? We have been loyal to you?
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    $FCNTX conversation
    This new format is absolutely awful, why get rid something so good for something so much worse???
  • R
    This is a great fund, likely would be even better if there weren't a gazillion holdings. 100 or so would be plenty
  • w
    $FCNTX conversation
    Does Will Danoff make more money make more money via a venture fund controlled by the Johnson family or by doing his day job?
    Danoff paid seven cents a share for Alibaba through the venture fund before BABA went public @$68.

    If curious, read the Reuters 10/5 article located below summary quote, or Google:
    "how the owners of Fidelity get richer"

    Here's a taste:
    "The company’s tradition of putting clients’ interests “before our own is a big part of what makes Fidelity special,” the fund firm says in its mission statement.

    In at least one lucrative field, however, the Johnson family’s interests come first."

  • L
    I wish the mobile app would show the "YTD return rate".
  • a
    all in
    $FCNTX conversation
    what happened here
  • D
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  • D
    $SLS conversation
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