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Danimer Scientific, Inc. (DNMR)

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    $ROCH or $DNMR or both?
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    $DNMR conversation
    With earth day approaching, we’re proud of our partnership with Danimer Scientific to create innovative solutions to help reduce packaging waste. Can’t wait to see what the future brings. $DNMR
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    $DNMR conversation
    i know i looked at the institutional holders of $DNMR previously and i saw a very small 30ish percentage. I am surprised to see that it is in the 80+% now. Anybody noticed this as well? If this is true, then it means this has legs for a long term appreciation
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    NEXE Innovations Inc.
    Come out of dream and face reality that NEXE is going 0.7.. Even they say 50 mil revenue but it's not reachable as per market conditions.. They have have big competition from $DNMR and there is another Canadian company I don't remember but they are building infrastructure in Sarnia.. They merged with Spac and their price is not moving at all..
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    $DNMR conversation
    ESG stocks are awesome ... and so is $DNMR
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    $DNMR conversation
    Probably not great that $DNMR can't gain any real traction on such an up day. I really wanted a pop to over 40 today, I think we may see a nice buying opportunity in the high 20's later this week. I am ready!!!
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    $DNMR conversation
    Stock benefited greatly at the beginning of the year when other stocks were greatly pumped past their value. Now it seems like everything is taking a dive and regressing. $DNMR has been on a constant decline since early Feb. We can blame the shorts but thats only ~10% of shares. If Pepsi really is the only reason for you to stay in this and not because institutional or inside investors have been dropping this stock, then good luck.
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    good natured Products Inc.
    Anyone tell me why $DNMR worth such a high sp than $SLGBF
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    $GDNP.V conversation
    People on Stocktwits say this company is far behind Danimar.. "Hard to understand the hype around
    (Origin) and
    (Good Natured) when you compare them to
    . These two latter companies produce plastic from agricultural oils and biomass, yes, but their products are hardly more biodegradable than ordinary petro-plastics. In the end of the day, you've got trash that sits in the dump, or worse, the ocean, for 450 years. It's better that it wasn't produced from petroleum, but it's still pollution! Danimar's plastics on the other hand, in addition to being made from an agricultural product (canola oil) are fully biodegradable in a matter of weeks. You can throw them into the compost, like you would a paper product. In the ocean or in the soil, they rapidly decompose .
    spells the end of plastic pollution! Origin and Good Natured just seem like greenwash companies in comparison."