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Clover Health Investments, Corp. (CLOV)

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  • J
    $CLOV conversation
    I think 52,173,913 shares of its Class A Common Stock at a price of $5.75 per share. was the beginning of the end for $CLOV
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    Death note
    $AFRM conversation
    $afrm $z $pton $lmnd $zm $rdfn $clov $sklz anyone make money from these stocks?
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    $CLOV conversation
    I have revised down personal targets for my new age health insurers portfolio. This is based on 50-100% growth YOY, MCR returning to 85%, profitability by 3Q23 and the general markets growing 5% per annum.

    2022: $13
    2023: $30
    2024: $50

    2022: $18
    2023: $40
    2024: $70

    2022: $25
    2023: $70
    2024: $120
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    Clover Health Investments, Corp.
    $CLOV, everyday is a new 52 week low.. when will the bleeding stop?
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    Death note
    $OPEN conversation
    $open $clov $sofi $spce who still trust this guys?
  • A
    $GME conversation
    $GME $WISH $AMC $CLOV, 4 epic squeezes are in progress, load up folks
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    $ISUN conversation
    Somebody put a wet blanket on the Jan effect party by rehashing FOMC notes from Dec - talk about beating a dead horse. It's already understood that rates are going up this year and the market was fine with that before the new year. Anyway, I have run out of ammo to buy more dirt cheap small and microcaps. Need to wait till mid Jan when I will get proceeds from a real estate sale. If the market is still crushing these little guys at that time, I will buy more at that time. These will look like lottery winnings in March...

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    $SKLZ conversation
    Great buys, Way too low - $HLGN $SKLZ $TQQQ $XL $GME $AMC $GOTU $CLOV $KIND $MILE $TLRY $BKKT
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    $CLOV conversation
    I have a Question for all the brainiac's on here. For very stock that is sold there is a need for one to be bought, then who are the people buying $CLOV that many of you say is going to $2 then down to $1, seems to me they would be smarter to wait till it got to a $1.
    Here's what I don't understand, many say they have lost 50, 60 & more, Thay they had bought above a share price of $12, So now that the stock can only go down $3.15 to 0 you would rather lose your 50, 60 & more, than to hold tight where now the most you can lose is $3 a share
    Which brings me back too, who are those people that are buying all the share being sold. Does anyone know? Are the board members buying or selling $Clove> What am I missing something here?
  • F
    $CLOV conversation
    $clov $open $sofi biggest joke ! Chamath biggest scam too . He don’t watch for you guys he only pumps these stocks during spac !
  • k
    WiMi Hologram Cloud Inc.
    Just buy the dip and hold. Its very simple. We will bounce back hard. And if you dont think so, whyd you invest here in the first place? You had a price target in mind. Stick to that and hold to it. We will get there.💤💤💤
  • C
    $CLOV conversation
    Ignore the noise. Trends are reversing faster than expected. Remember, insiders can't sell until shares hold above $30 for 90 days. This should give you an idea for price targets. Keep emotions out of the trade, fundamentals of $clov have only improved. Bash the post, reality will return in 6 months with no sight of the trash on the board.
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    Death note
    $PLTR conversation
    $pltr $clov $sklz
    screw karp
    Screw chamath
    Screw Cathie wood
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    Death note
    $NKLA conversation
    $hyln $ride $xl $rmo $vldr $clov let’s me introduce you a new friends $spce $sofi $dkng these 3 will join the lists
  • J
    ALL TIME LOW!!!! How low can they do??! No point of selling now…..
    $wish $clov $pltr $sofi $bbig $bb $rmo $ride $psfe $uwmc $vldr $clne $nio $idex $sdc $irnt $prog
  • H
    $SOFI conversation
    $SOFI $CLOV $TTCF all growth stocks... time to get out . With all the hike going to happen in 2022 i think more downfall atleast another 50% drop !

    You welcome !
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    $CLOV conversation
    Remember when $CLOV squeezed to $22 in June? That was big fun.
  • d
    $CANO conversation
    I believe this is a good company. The market is really fickle at the moment and may just get even more fickle. So if this rolls down to $5 range I would not be surprised. I've seen the way Clover Health has gone $CLOV and it's not pretty. But I believe healthcare is a great sector to invest in and will just take some time for things to get better. In the meantime, add to positions to lower cost basis. GLTA
  • J
    Ok shorts, you win this game…. Cover please already….$wish $clov $pltr $sofi $bbig $bb $rmo $ride $psfe $uwmc $vldr $clne $nio $idex $sdc $irnt $prog
  • b
    $ORMP conversation
    Lots of good deals today. Splurged $30K on various stocks. $ORMP $PSFE $BHG $CLOV $AI. Thanks for the Christmas sale...