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bluebird bio, Inc. (BLUE)

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    $VRTX conversation
    What to expect in 6 years?
    1) There is no competition for the CF drugs for the next 2.5 years. Trikafta can stop lung function decline or can improve the lung function. For any competition to claim the same efficacy it will take at least 4.5 years (2.5+2 years of testing). The revenue and earnings from CF drugs will be at least 8B and $15 per share, respectively, in the coming year.
    2) There are 170K patients suffering from SCD and TDT, and there are 25K people with SCD in the US alone. CTX001 offers functional cures for these patients, and the registration filing would occur toward the end of the next year. For this indication there is $BLUE to compete for the same market. The cost for the treatment would be about $1.5MM. The COO estimated that a three-fold increase in benefitable patient number would occur if milder conditioning regimen became available. He is assuming about 6K SCD patients would be treated with the current conditioning. This means that a minimum 10 B for the revenue which can be realized over about ten years. The average annual rev. would be at least 1B.
    3) Another multibillion-dollar opportunity awaits us with the success of VX-147, which treats APOL1 dependent FSGS. There is no competition for treating the underlying cause of the disease. There are 100K patients with FSGS in the US and EU. I project the revenue from VX-147 could rival that from CF drugs. This means about 8 B per year a few years from the launch. It may take 6 years.
    4) Another multibillion-dollar market opportunity resides with the pain drug, VX-548 which is in Phase 2. Acute pain alone could generate 2B.
    5) VX-880 is dosed to treat Type-1 diabetes. A quarter of 60K T1D patients is already taking immune-suppressive drug. COO estimated that this is a 5B opportunity. It will be known how long this cell transplant will last.
    6) Status of AATD and DMD treatment will be known.
    7) To sum up, in several years (~6 years) Vertex could more than double the current revenue, and the market cap could reach 200B ($20B X 10). For rapidly growing company 10 times the revenue for computing the market cap is not unreasonable.
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    bluebird bio, Inc.
    Patients with sickle cell disease have double the chance of developing leukemia, see scientific article below. Good chance that the patient developed leukemia naturally non related to #BLUE
    Increased risk of leukemia among sickle cell disease patients in California
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    $BLUE has eight programs in clinical trials, and most of them are in phase two or three. The LentiGlobin gene therapy alone can bring over $2 billion in peak sales, while there are a few more treatments that can potentially be blockbusters. $BLUE along with BMY has developed a chimeric antigen receptor T-cell immunotherapy - Abecma - for the treatment of multiple myeloma. Abecma was approved by the U.S. FDA in March of this year. The peak sales for Abecma are estimated to be around $2 billion.
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    $CRSP conversation
    $BLUE uses an entirely different technology when compared to $BEAM, $CRSP, $EDIT and $NTLA. $BLUE was using a gene therapy that was much older and less precise. Today you can pick up bargins in gene editing stocks. Good luck to everyone. . The underlying gene editing technologies used by $BEAM, $CRSP, $EDIT and $NTLA is still sound.
    Bluebird bio Temporarily Suspends Phase 1/2 and Phase 3 Studies of Lentiglobin Gene Therapy for SCD
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    Good night all, press the like button if you be up early #blue skies
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    FDA approves first personalized cell therapy from $BMY $BLUE for patients with multiple myeloma
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    Feel like a strong push to $20 #blue skies
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    Samarth did mention how Crispr’s treatment was different from $blue. And look what happened today. I dont think Crispr deserved this red day! Tomorrow back in the green!!
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    $BLUE conversation
    Sold other than 300 stock. They are profit only and will hold forever. Lately I am exiting most of my biotech.

    I still hold them in my IRA but no more regular account.
    Here is list of biotech I give up hope.
    1.> $AMRN
    2.> $BLUE
    3.> $MDGL
    4.> $ICPT
    5.> $PBYI
    6.> $CLVS (Only sold half before their disaster offering tank stock. HOlding to see if we get combo trial result boost. But may exit as well.)
    7.> NKTR (Half)
    8.> AERI ( Half)

    I am holding very large GILD (3000) and MRNA (3000). Sure I am shorting some high flyer so part of reason to sell is get buying power to I can hold or short more on those. Some day they will print solid profit but right now anything I touch on short, it start flying high and only stop if give up.
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    $SLS conversation
    $blue Viral Vector may have caused the cancer - Car T suspect $sls undervalued
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    NIO $21 easy today , $50 EOY , may up my target if I get some more little caeser pizzas #blue skies
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    Lightning Strikes
    $FSR conversation
    Surprise early Ocean delivery date!?!?!? This morning Henrik Fisker put out three (3) tweets that he later deleted. The most critical stated…

    “Fisker Ocean will start deliveries in November next year, in both US & Europe ! Matte blue will be a launch color! .#Fisker #love #EVs #ESG #blue #screen” I did get a screen shot of this tweet.

    I do not know if he deleted the tweet because it was an early delivery secrete he was not supposed to release, or if it had an impossible timeline, considering the public announcement thus far is that assembly would start on Nov. 17, 2022. For deliveries to be occurring in the US on even the last day of November 2022, the 30th, that would mean that manufacturing would have to begin, at minimum, a month earlier, Oct. 17, 2022 than publicly announced. It will take at least a month to; build the cars, test them, get them to port (Trieste, Italy is closest), get them on a boat, 14 day Atlantic float, clear customs, distribute them by rail or semi from port.

    In the two other separate tweets today, Henrik tweeted that the Ocean will come with a 17” screen and standard 20” rims, with a 22” rim option.
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    $ATNX conversation
    In 3000 shares @5.35, I can wait 6 month or more.Look at $BLUE ,once the dust is settled, It will be the same for this stock.
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    Baseline Bums
    $BLUE conversation
    An Oldie but goodie:
    4 hours ago
    Replied to a reaction
    $BLUE conversation
    @Baseline Bums lmao. If you think BLUE is headed down youre on mars

    Somehow, I think you're going to be surprised when you see how spin-offs work. No chance BLUE is 1.7 billion market cap (i.e., $25.19) today at the close of business. The only issue is, will the combined market cap of TSVT + BLUE be above or below 1.7 billion? We shall see. I hope the market reacts positively, though. But I just fear a "sell the news" initial reaction.
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    $ACOR conversation
    If you’re short here you must be new to biotech and/or a fly to a light. There are biotechs trading at 50x this valuation in debt billions with zero revenue LOL
    $any $1bln bio
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    $NTLA conversation
    What did Gene Editing do- took away the sails of several Gene Therapy Drug Companies with Hudred M to over Billion dollar pipelines- Why? Ask this before you sell your stock at a lower price than what you bought for- taking profits is fine with me:

    2021 so far been quite bad year for trad gene tx..

    -from 52 week high (VYGR ADVM both -EV)

    $VYGR -72%
    $ADVM -85%
    $QURE -43%
    $BLUE -54%
    $avro -57%
    $PASG -56%
    $GBIO -53%
    $SRPT -59%
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    Will someone please show me a good looking YTD biotech chart that isn’t a buyout... $EDIT $NTLA $CRSP $SGMO $ONCE $BMRN $CELG $PFE $AGN $BLUE $XBI $IBB $SGEN. $VKTX is the best I can find and that seems like hype.
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    $BLUE conversation
    Maxim Group upgraded $BLUE to buy and set the price target to 160.
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    $IOVA conversation
    I have travelled with $fgen, $freq, $odt, $blue when it fell 40% in one day and takes several weeks to recover. Best bed is wait for 3/4 days before buying.
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    Have a great weekend and come back to stronger NIO! #blue skies