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Aurora Cannabis Inc. (ACB)

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    $ACB conversation
    The right dose of THC gives the EXACT feeling as a pain pill that could lead to addiction and organ failure if abused !!! Big pharma, since you WONT beat us, join us !!! $ACB #1 medical ! When insurance companies start to come on board watch out !!!!
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    $RWBYF conversation
    My Thanksgiving Table

    Did not believe $RWB had Platinum inside 344 Michigan Stores already and headed 480 2022 and 600+ in 2023 ……….

    All had been burned by $CGC and $ACB ………

    NONE had followed #SafeBanking and nobody believed Congress would be discussing next week ……….

    And SheetCoins down 10% ……..when money moves to Cannabis, and Michigan Warren Facility gets licensed , don’t be surprised at the POP next week
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    $ACB conversation
    Come on $ACB let hit a new high today 🤑🤑🤑
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    $XLY.TO conversation
    Matt Lamers
    “Biggest” 🇨🇦 cannabis producers, by cannabis revenue in recent quarter

    Canopy—$95 million
    Tilray—$87 million
    Pure Sunfarms—$34.5M
    Auxly—Nov 15


    🇨🇦 mkt share soaring

    $weed $tlry $acb 🇨🇦 mkt share imploding

    $vff is holding steady
    8:04 AM · Nov 9, 2021·Twitter Web App
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    $ACB conversation
    Longs buying $acb all the way down to 0 again
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    $SNDL conversation
    The Fool is bashing $SNDL $TLRY $ACB pretty hard today. They must be getting desperate to cover.
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    $CURLF conversation
    Canadian companies rally 3x as hard as the MSOs lmfao who really runs the show. Canadian companies barely making any revenue with a small market yet still rally higher then Us companies. Explain? Bahahahaha #curlf #tcnnf #gtbif #crlbf #tlry #cgc #acb
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    $TLRY conversation
    here we go watch this cannabis sector EXPLODE NOW rest of the year! Greed needs somewhere to go and retail is pinched by logistics... BIG MONEY COMING IN TO CANNABIS REST OF THE YEAR. Only play left LOL. All pot stocks record lows and for NO reason except the few that were shells anyways. And you will still make money on that junk too. this is it bottom is in. GO WARREN and BOOKER! Demand that intel. Go CONGRESS pass SAFE and MORE. Whats that $CLVR you just were the first company to get columbia pot into the USA and $CGC signed a contract with you several months ago in preporation and now USA MSO going to get bought up like WILD FIRE. BOOM! $TLRY $MMNFF $CRON $ACB $HEXO $TGODF $PURA
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    Another example; aurora $ACB. Why do you think is at $7 max in this year. When it reached $120? Answers, people push for popularity but the company doesn’t have this support as Tesla does ( almost a trillion capital Mkt . Or apple with 1 trillion in market capital
  • R
    Village Farms International, Inc.
    There is only one winner. And the answer should be obvious by now to anyone paying attention.

    $VFF has outperformed EVERY other Canadian cannabis company since legalization. Don't believe me? Look it up. This stock is up over 600% in the last five years. Since legalization, this company has survived two black swan events, countless market shocks, and a plethora of negativity surrounding the Canadian cannabis industry. Why is that?

    Last year, the Pure Sunfarms brand grew the top and bottom lines and cannibalize the country's pot marketshare (to the tune of $100M in annual revnue) whilst having no access to Quebec, virtually no access to international markets, miniscule medical revenues and STRICT lockdowns that limited recreational tourist users. The share price remained relatively stable and the company remained dilution neutral for the most part, whilst posting 11 straight quarters of positive EBITDA. Why are other cannabis companies, like $ACB, $HEXO, and $SNDL reporting 90% losses and relying on reverse splits to the create the false impression of some sort of "equity"?

    Needless to say, and predictably, people will buy and sell this stock tomorrow. It may go up. And it may go down. Almost hate to say.
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    $ACB conversation
    How many SHARES did I own BEFORE the 12 for 1 Reverse Split ?????

    Take your guesses

    And PS I was 50% $ACB and 50% $CGC October 2017

    Take your guesses while we wait
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    $HEXO conversation
    $ACB leading the green wave this week and last.
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    $CGC conversation

    so many people said this would NEVER happen, but then $CGC signed wholesale contract for flower from $CLVR to secure the BIGGEST grow operation in columbia with the ONLY company holding a set of certifications together that give them worldwide access medically. THIS IS THE COMPANY THE BIG BOYS ARE GOING TO USE FOR FLOWER and ALL USA MSOs to. CLVER LEAVES is KING.

    ENTIRE CANNABIS SECTOR HAS MISSED THIS. $CLVR who has a contract with $CGC has just become the FIRST EVER to export THC cannabis to the USA. They were approved and already completed shipment. It is being used by the DEA registered facility for schedule 1 narcotics. WAKE UP PEOPLE I AM TRYING TO HELP YOU ALL PICK OUT THE REAL CANNABIS WINNER. it is CLVR and CGC KNOWS it thats why they locked in with them over a year ago. THIS IS a SPAC the revs profits etc NOT AN ISSUE suppose to be Neg. WAKE UP PEOPLE. omg. SPAC meaning $10 base. we are well below that too. CEO Kyle extremely smart.

    Look out $TLRY $MMNFF $HEXO $ACB $CRON $TGODF etc etc etc
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    Aurora Cannabis Inc.
    $ACB announcing a long-term bulk supply agreement with Cantek in Israel, which we anticipate will provide us with a steady stream of high-margin revenue. Our first shipment was worth $8M—one of the largest single shipments of cannabis that Israel has received. $ACB
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    Aurora Cannabis Inc.
    4 hours analyzing dividend stocks and all I had to do was buy $ACB in the morning... 🤔
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    @ian still holding $ausa waiting for $acb news ?
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    $ACB.TO conversation
    harry3 days ago
    $ACB.TO conversation
    Like I said last week. THE DOUBLE WHAMMY is coming!!! WAKE ME UP BEFORE YOU GO-GO. WHAM!!
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    $ACB conversation
    Word on wall street says MEDICAL MJ the wave of the future ! Rec will take back seat ! $ACB leggggoooo
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    $MMEN.CN conversation
    I think this is getting ready for lift off. Price target of 40 cents US.

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    $CRLBF conversation
    MSOs will be a $$$ making machine in the future if you invest now.

    Buys MSOs while it’s cheap. Run away from Canadian LPs

    #crlbf #gtbif #tcnnf #cchwf #jushf
    #acb #tlry #cgc #sndl