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Aurora Cannabis Inc. (ACB)

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    Village Farms International, Inc.
    Rough day for the potstock sector.

    And yet, another day, another sector outperformance. An added bonus: Only 2.5 days left for shorts and hedge funds to cover their naked positions on the TSX.

    VFF went down 3.36% today compared to:

    $ACB down 3.54%
    $TLRY down 4.34%
    $SNDL down 4.81%
    $CRON down 5.26%
    $HEXO down 7.07%

    Stay strong Villagers! The best is yet to come!
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    Village Farms International, Inc.
    Well, that was vindicating! Another year, another outperformance with unmatched results. Officially, VFF outperformed $TLRY, $ACB, $CGC, AND $HEXO once again.

    Happy New Years Villagers! More to come in the New Year!
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    $TLRY conversation
    Florida is a medical cannabis ONLY state, last week the 653,651 qualified patients purchased 91,269 oz. of flower, 273,263,225 mgs thc oil and 4,537,950 mgs cbd from the 396 dispensaries in the state. The leading U.S. MSO has 112 of those dispensaries and cornered nearly 50% of the market. Each week the Florida Department of Health OMMU puts out a detailed report of weekly sales volume.
    Does Canada have anything comparable? #ACB #TLRY #CGC #CRON
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    If $hexo $cgc $tlry $cron $acb are all going to bankrupt which company should we invest. I invested in all and all are down.
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    $ACB conversation
    3 days consistent green for #ACB and #CGC -- keep driving it up for the new year $$$
  • S
    If $tgod can go down from $10 to 10 cents why not $hexo. $acb was still better.
  • L
    Let the mother of all squeezes begin. DIAMOND HANDS 🙌 💎 $CGC $HEXO $ACB $MSOS $GME
  • E
    $HITI conversation
    = bloated behemoths burnin' big bucks


    $HITI = Global eComm Empire

    - NASDAQ
    - 1 P/S in '22
    - <$300MM MCAP
    - 3M USA high LTV list
    - Self-made (beast) CEO

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    $ACB conversation
    The right dose of THC gives the EXACT feeling as a pain pill that could lead to addiction and organ failure if abused !!! Big pharma, since you WONT beat us, join us !!! $ACB #1 medical ! When insurance companies start to come on board watch out !!!!
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    $ACB conversation
    Come on $ACB let hit a new high today 🤑🤑🤑
  • K
    $RWBYF conversation
    My Thanksgiving Table

    Did not believe $RWB had Platinum inside 344 Michigan Stores already and headed 480 2022 and 600+ in 2023 ……….

    All had been burned by $CGC and $ACB ………

    NONE had followed #SafeBanking and nobody believed Congress would be discussing next week ……….

    And SheetCoins down 10% ……..when money moves to Cannabis, and Michigan Warren Facility gets licensed , don’t be surprised at the POP next week
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    Village Farms International, Inc.
    You've got Kick and Adrian over here spam posting every thirty seconds, and you've got Jan (@thehotinvestor) promoting $ACB and posting more fraudulent information today. The more desperate the shorts get, the faster my account grows. Time to cover losers!
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    $XLY.TO conversation
    Matt Lamers
    “Biggest” 🇨🇦 cannabis producers, by cannabis revenue in recent quarter

    Canopy—$95 million
    Tilray—$87 million
    Pure Sunfarms—$34.5M
    Auxly—Nov 15


    🇨🇦 mkt share soaring

    $weed $tlry $acb 🇨🇦 mkt share imploding

    $vff is holding steady
    8:04 AM · Nov 9, 2021·Twitter Web App
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    $TLRY conversation
    Who's winning the race for greatest destroyer of investors wealth the last 3 years? Stack #ACB #TLRY and #MMNFF on a three year chart and you'll see a true photo finish at the right bottom corner.

    It would be funny, except so many lost so much money when they believed all the shills lies.
    Do your DD people.
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    $ACB conversation
    Longs buying $acb all the way down to 0 again
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    $SNDL conversation
    The Fool is bashing $SNDL $TLRY $ACB pretty hard today. They must be getting desperate to cover.
  • M
    Another example; aurora $ACB. Why do you think is at $7 max in this year. When it reached $120? Answers, people push for popularity but the company doesn’t have this support as Tesla does ( almost a trillion capital Mkt . Or apple with 1 trillion in market capital
  • K
    $ACB conversation
    How many SHARES did I own BEFORE the 12 for 1 Reverse Split ?????

    Take your guesses

    And PS I was 50% $ACB and 50% $CGC October 2017

    Take your guesses while we wait
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    MJ Stock Trader
    $TLRY conversation
    I bash a lot, but here is some positive news for $ACB and $TLRY longs. I bought some puts yesterday in both stocks and ACB puts are only up 12% and TLRY puts are only up 15%. Since ACB was down 16% and TLRY down 11%, the puts should have gain MUCH more. That tells me big money is betting this down day is not sustainable. I could be wrong, but I'm guessing both stocks bounce higher tomorrow and the rest of the week.
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    $CHOO.CN conversation
    Seeing strong support at $0.085 for $CHOO after being in a downtrend since March. The company has been paying off debt, focusing on revenue and brand growth, and they’ve been opening new stores to increase the retail footprint in Canada. Although the chart might not look too good I like to focus on the financials and fundamentals of the company.
    - Huge YOY revenue growth
    - Economic reopening this summer in Canada (vaccine distribution is on track)
    - Deal with $ACB to convert debt to equity, gives $CHOO the ability to focus less on interest payments and use that money for the growth of the company
    - Extremely undervalued at $26M, did $6.1M revenue in the last quarter alone
    In the long term, I can see $CHOO easily being worth around $0.25 per share because of the growth. They already have 15 stores with 2 more planned and are valued significantly cheaper than their publicly traded competition. I’m definitely adding more to my portfolio at these levels.