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    Tomie Demystifies the Value of the LBX Positive Cryptocurrency Token

    The Land Betterment Exchange (LBX) is an environmentally driven token that creates a financial incentive and trading market to pull forward environmental cleanup and expedite the transition away fr...

  • PR Newswire

    Inaugural Concordia Lexington Summit postponed to April 7-8, 2022

    Concordia, the New York-based membership organization working to strengthen the partnering ecosystem, has postponed its inaugural Lexington Summit, which will now take place April 7-8, 2022 in Lexington, KY and digitally. The decision to move the Summit is due to enhanced COVID-19 protocols and in order to keep in-person attendees as safe as possible.

  • Reuters

    Auto sector blasts Mexico's move to legalize imported used cars

    Mexico has published a decree to legalize millions of imported used cars, mainly from the United States, a move that was criticized by the country's powerful auto sector as allowing "car smuggling." The new policy, published in government's official gazette late on Monday, tasks local authorities with creating a plan to encourage residents of states that border the United States to officially register vehicles that were driven into Mexico, known as so-called chocolate cars. Baja California state alone is home to more than 500,000 unregistered vehicles, which are commonly used in crimes, said the state security minister, Rosa Rodriguez.