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  • Reuters

    WRAPUP 1-Shanghai reopens some public transport, still on high COVID alert

    Shanghai reopened a small part of the world's longest subway system on Sunday after some lines had been closed for almost two months, as the city paves the way for a more complete lifting of its painful COVID-19 lockdown next week. Shanghai's lockdown and curbs in other cities have battered consumption, industrial output and other sectors of the Chinese economy in recent months, prompting pledges of support from policymakers. "Work stopped on March 16," said Xu, adding he had not been able to earn his monthly 7,000-8,000 yuan ($1,000-$1,100) salary since then and would only return to Shanghai once he was sure he could find work.


    Inflation, Wildflowers, and Deglobalization: What to Expect as the Elite Meet in Davos

    WEF has beaten the drum of globalization and consensus around progress for decades. Those frameworks are now being reimagined.

  • PR Newswire

    Baseus Officially Extends Sales Channel on Shein

    Baseus, a leading consumer electronics brand in the global market is officially settling business on with the best-selling product list. This step of business channel expansion aims to save the trouble of switching apps and granting everyone the access to a greater variety of products on their most frequented platform.